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[OHM] RecordsOriginal ProductionNorway1998
+3dB RecordsOriginal ProductionNorway
+47 RecordsNorway
1:70Original ProductionNorway
2L (Norwegian classical and jazz)Norway1996
4H ProduksjonOriginal ProductionNorway19941994
9+P RecordsNorway
35g RecordsNorway
777 MUSIC (Norwegian record label and media company)Original ProductionNorway
1111klubb (Norwegian record label)ImprintOslo, Norway
A ProductionPublisherNorway2002
A Rose for Emily Records (Norwegian label)Norway
A-Level RecordingsOriginal ProductionNorway
A.s Filminnspilling (for copyrights, not release label use!)Norway
Aaron RecordsOriginal ProductionEgersund, Rogaland, Norway
AB Records (Norwegian label (Arne Bendiksen))Original ProductionNorway
ABC-Trykk A/S (Norwegian printing company)ProductionNorway
Abdicate CellNorway
Abòn Records & StudioProductionNorway2002
Above RecordingsProductionOslo, Norway2010-10-23
AbOVO AS (design company)HoldingBergen, Hordaland, Norway
Abup Road RecordsKristiansand, Agder, Norway2014
Acoustic Records (jazz)Bergen, Hordaland, Norway1990
ACT EntertainmentNorway
Ad Astra EnterprisesNorway2002
AftenselskapetOriginal ProductionTrondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway19961996
Aftermath Music (Norwegian metal)Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway1997
Aiko MusicNorway
AIM Records (Norway)Original ProductionNorway
Akershus Romerikes BladPublisherNorway
Albedo (Norwegian contemporary music label)Norway
Alfheimr RecordsOslo, Norway
All Ears Music ASProductionBergen, Hordaland, Norway
All Good Clean Records LabelTrondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway
All This & Music TooNorway
Aller Forlag (Norwegian book publisher)PublisherNorway RecordsNorway
Amaranth RecordingsProductionNorway
AmbaCD Forlag AS (not for release label use, for copyrights use only)Norway
Ambolthue RecordsProductionNorway
Angel ProductionsOriginal ProductionNorway
Angelic RecordingsOriginal ProductionNorway2009
Anneis RecordsNorway2014-10-01
Anomalie RecordsOriginal ProductionNorway
Apartment RecordsOriginal ProductionNorway1996
Apen & Kjeften AS (Norwegian record company)PublisherNorway2017-01-01
Apocalypse BlueNorway
Apocalypse RedNorway2008
Apocalyptic Empire RecordsOslo, Norway1994
Apollo Records (Norwegian label)Norway
Apollon Records (Norwegian)Bergen, Hordaland, Norway1976
ApplecakeOriginal ProductionBergen, Hordaland, Norway
APR Music Productions Ltd.Norway
Arcade Music Company (Norway) AS (not for release label use! Norwegian branch of Dutch "Arcade" label)HoldingNorway
Arch RecordsNorway
Arco RecordsOriginal ProductionNorway
Arctic Records (Norwegian label)Norway19751981-08
Arctic SerenadesOriginal ProductionNorway1994[unknown]
Arktisk MediaNorway
Arne Bendiksen A/SNorway
Arne Bendiksen MusikkforlagPublisherOslo, Norway
Art-Aid (design company)Norway
Artisit RecordsOriginal ProductionNorway19971997
ArtistPartner RecordsOriginal ProductionNorway1994
AS DiscoManufacturerOslo, Norway
Ascension (Personal label for ANIKA (Norwegian Singer))PublisherLC 086632Norway
Aske RecordsBootleg ProductionNorway
Asspiss RecordsOriginal ProductionNorway
Astma RecordsNorway
Asura Revolver (Ambient Net Label)PublisherÅlesund, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
AtterklangOslo, Norway
Aurora (Norwegian contemporary)ProductionNorway
Aurora Australis Records (Australian extreme metal label)Original ProductionNorway
Aurora Filmlyd (audio production studio)ProductionNorway
Autokarma (The band Autokarma's own label)Norway
Automatic Records (Norwegian label)DistributorNorway
Autumnsongs RecordsProductionTrondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway
B&C (design company)Norway
BackBeat Records (Tromsø, Norway label from the record shop with the same name.)Tromsø, Troms, Norway
Backstage Records (Label based in Trondheim, Norway, run by a music magazine called Musikkavisen Backstage. Was run by Terje Nilsen.)Norway
Bad Noise RecordsStavanger, Rogaland, Norway
Bad Vibes (Norwegian label)Original ProductionBergen, Hordaland, Norway20155
badabing diskos (label run by: Håkon Vinnogg aka. LAFT / Vinny Villbass)Oslo, Norway
Bahama Records A/S (for copyrights)Norway
Bajkal RecordsNorway
Bakpå RecordsProductionNorway
Balder MusikkraffineriPublisherNorway
Baluba RecordsImprintNorway
Banditt MediaNorway
Bangles & Brass RecordsOriginal ProductionNorway
Bare Bra MusikkNorway
Bare JazzOriginal ProductionNorway