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A Generation Ago TodayKenny BurrellDigital Media8
Verve Reissues602567232872
Asphalt Canyon SuiteKenny BurrellDigital Media10
CM Blue Note (A92)602448383020
Young, Gifted & BlackBob & MarciaDigital Media12
Sanctuary Records (UK 1996-present)5414939922404
Pinchas Zukerman Plays VivaldiAntonio Vivaldi & Pinchas Zukerman6×Digital Media12 + 24 + 21 + 12 + 12 + 12RCA Red Seal886446052397
Greatest Hits Of Shocking BlueShocking BlueDigital Media20
Red Bullet (Dutch independent label)8712944662399
Jazz Workshop 1976 (live)Patti SmithDigital Media11
Cult Legends (live bootlegs)8717662587894
COSMOS’51 (Remastered 2017)鈴木茂Digital Media10
CROWN (an imprint only when it isn't embedded in the "NIPPON CROWN" company logo. Not to be confused with Crown Records, Crown Stones, or Crown Gold)4582417955365
Vivaldi: Concerti for Flute, Strings and Basso continuo, Op.10, Nos. 1-6; Marcello/Platti: Concerti for for Oboe, Strings and Basso continuoAntonio Vivaldi, Alessandro Marcello, Giovanni Benedetto Platti, Frans Brüggen, Bruce Haynes & Orchestra of the Eighteenth CenturyDigital Media24Sony Classical074646294529
London CallingThe ClashDigital Media19Sony Music UK (~2002-2006)886443520721
Ghost TownThe SpecialsDigital Media4
Busting OutNona Hendryx & MaterialDigital Media3
Celluloid, Charly Records8718011611116
One Night at Budokan (Deluxe Version)Michael Schenker Group2×Digital Media7 + 9
One Night at BudokanMichael Schenker GroupDigital Media13
A Broken Frame (deluxe)Depeche Mode2×Digital Media10 + 9