~ City in Ukraine


Artist Type Gender Rating
+\- (Ukrainian Metal Band) Group
3D Stas (Ukrainian breakbeat and industrial producer) Person Male
5 Vymir Group
Abori Person Male
Adam Navel (Trance producer) Person Male
Aftermoon Group
Akoman Group
Al Sherman (Tin Pan Alley songwriter) Person Male
ALEKSEEV Person Male
Alexander Podgorny Person Male
Alexander Radchenko (Electronic music producer) Person Male
Alexandr Pidgornyi Person Male
Alexej Gorlatch Person Male
Alexey Shor Person Male
Alla von Buch Person Female
Alya Lime Kid (Alexandra LimeKid) Person
Anatole Fistoulari Person Male
Andi Vax Person Male
Andrey Rugaroo Person Male
Anna Fedorova Person Female
Arina Domski Person Female
Assia Ahhatt (Ukrainian Singer) Person Female
Azathoth Circle (metal band) Group
Azotti (Trance) Person Male
Benjamin "Buzzy" Drootin Person Male
Blood Brothers (Iron Maiden tribute band) Group
Boris Kuschnir Person Male
Borrah Minevitch Person Male
Borum Group
Bruno Skulte Person Male
Chasing Embers (Ukrainian alternative metal band) Group
Chekarino Project (electropop) Group
Cloudless Group
Constantin Régamey Person Male
Credo Chamber Choir (Kiev) Choir
Crossworlds Group
Crusada (Trance producer duo Евгений Богиня (Eugeniy Boginya) & Максим Дороговцев (Maxim Dorogovtsev)) Group
Crystal Vibe (Downtempo) Person Male
Dajos Béla Person Male
Dakh Daughters Group
DakhaBrakha Group
Dalia Stasevska (conductor) Person Female
Danylo Gertsev Person Male
Dart Rayne Person Male
Dead Boys Girlfriend Group
Detail (Kiev based dnb Producer) Person Male
Digital X (Петр Голуб) Person Male
DJ Sender Person Male
Dmitriy Kolosovskiy Person Male
Dmitriy Lihachov Person Male
Dmitry Paperno Person Male
Dronny Darko (Oleg Puzan) Person Male
Dross Delnoch Group
Dysphoria (Ukrainian metal) Group
Edifice (Ukrainian atmospheric electronic)
Edward Sol Person Male
Egor Boss Person Male
Elektroklew Group
Esthetic Education Group
Etwas Unders Group
Eugene Osadchy Person Male
Evgeny Soifertis Person Male
Ezophagothomia Group
Fleshgore (Ukraine brutal death metal/thrash) Group
Foible Instinct (ukrainian grindcore band) Group
Folknery Group
Francia Luban Person Male
Franciszek Kowalski Person Male
Grigoriy Sobinov Person Male
GrimFaith Group
Gumilinski (screamo) Group
H.Soror (Kiev, Ukraine) Group
Hillsong Ukraine Group
Hindu Group
Ignea (Ukrainian Modern Oriental Metal Band) Group
Igor Blazhkov Person Male
Igor Markevitch (conductor) Person Male
Igor Ostrovski Person Male
Igor Schamo (composer) Person Male
IIIII (Five Eyes) Person Male
Infected (Ukrainian death metal) Group
Ira (sings on "The Fusion", real name: Ирина Швыдкая (Irina Shvidkaya)) Person Female
Irène Némirovsky (French novelist) Person Female
Ivan Karabits Person Male
Ivanov Down Group
Jabro Grow (Drum & Bass producer from Kyïv, Ukraine) Person Male
Jascha Horenstein Person Male
Jonathan Livingston (Ukrainian indie duo from Kyiv) Group
Joncofy (metal) Group
Jumper Heads Group
Jurii Schamo (composer, pianist, accordionist) Person Male
Kadnay Group
Kaosophia Group
Kateryna Zavoloka Person Female
Kazimir Malevich Person Male
Keepers of the Silence Group
Kiev Seminary Choir Choir
Kiev Symphony Orchestra Group
Kiev Theological Academy and Seminary Choir Choir