Label Type CodeBegin End Rating
#TNM Small Guy Records Publisher
Askone Productions (Miami record label) Production 1997
Carr Club Music Imprint 2013-06-18
CBS Discos Inc. (for ©/℗ rights holders, manufacturers use only) 1991
Chinaman Records Original Production
Coconut Grove Records
Cosmic Chronic Original Production
Crescent Moon Records Production 1994
Delanuca, Inc. (not for release label use!) Holding 1999-03-01
Devine Disorder Records
Discos CBS International (US Latin American market branch of CBS, owned by Miami-based CBS Discos Inc.) Imprint 1979 1990
Discos Columbia (Miami-based latino label that preceded Discos CBS International and Sony Discos) Imprint
DLN Distribution Distributor
Dying God Records
Dynamix II Records (1990–) Original Production 1990 [unknown]
Eighty-Sixed Records (Eight-Sixed Records South Florida)
Empire Music Group, INC. Publisher
Fiddler Records Original Production 1996 2006
Hairy Fuzz
Hallucienda (dance music) Original Production
Harlequin Recording Group (Miami house/techno) Original Production 1998
Heavenly Bodies Records
HigherKnowledge Entertainment Distributor 2012-12-21
Homerun Association Publisher 2015
Incest Records (2000s Miami-based indie)
Insomniac (Florida based breakbeat label by Jasp 182) Original Production 1997 2002
Konduko Original Production 1974 1995
Locomotion (Latinamerican TV channel) Original Production 1996 2005
MARZ Records
Metamorfosis Imprint 2011
Miami Records Production
Mr. Nice Guy (house music) Original Production 2010
Needless Recs
Phase One Music (Phase One) Distributor 2017-04-01
Presidential Entertainment Music Inc. Distributor 2016-03-20
Rated R Publishing Publisher 2015-01-27
Relentless Empire Publishing Publisher
Relentless Recordz, a division of The Relentless Empire, INC Imprint
Riot Music, Inc. Publisher
Rock The Moon Productions 2014
Salsa Factory Recording Studios
Schematic Original Production 1996
SGZ Entertainment Original Production 2004-06-28 2006-08
Side B Underground
Sony Discos (an imprint owned by Sony Discos, Inc.) Imprint 1991 [unknown]
Sony Discos, Inc. (not for release label use! for ©/℗ rights holders, manufacturers use only) 1991 [unknown]
Sony Latin Imprint
Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC (not for release label use!) Holding
Sud Swap
The Relentless Empire, INC.
Upward Bound Music Company Inc. Publisher
Valholla Entertainment Production 2005-01-20
Xperimento Music Inc Imprint 2009-03-10
YesJulz Agency