ArtistTypeGenderAreaBeginBegin AreaEndEnd AreaRating
//DLMMiami, United States
#YEI (Javier García)Group2016Miami, United States
1st LadyPersonFemaleUnited StatesMiami, United States
The 2 Live CrewGroupUnited States1985Riverside, United States1998Miami, United States
2milliePersonMaleMiami, United States1989-09-10
2WUGroup2021-08-21Miami, United States
3Fortiori (Miami pop/hip-hop duo)GroupMiami, United States
4Peace (Matt Pruitt)PersonMaleMiami, United StatesDallas, United States
7th Floor (Miami based house music producer and DJ)PersonMaleMiami, United States
8 Ball (Detroit anonymous act)PersonMaleMiami, United States1996-02-20Detroit, United States
24 Hours to Live (American hardcore band)GroupUnited StatesMiami, United States[unknown]Miami, United States
DJ 61PersonMiami, United States
305curtisPersonMaleOpa-locka, United States1985-10-09Miami, United States
A Duane G. VisualPersonMaleMiami, United States
A&G (Andrew & Gino)GroupMiami, United StatesMiami, United States
Abhomine (US Black/Death Metal)GroupUnited States2015Miami, United States
Abiotic (Miami technical/progressive deathcore band)GroupUnited States2010Miami, United States
abner dennisPersonMaleMiami, United States2003-03-02Miami, United States
Adassa (reggaeton artist)PersonFemaleUnited States1987-02-05Miami, United States
Adekwit (Jae Davis)PersonMaleVictorville, United StatesMiami, United States
Adore MiridiaGroupUnited StatesMiami, United States[unknown]
AfrobetaGroupUnited States2006Miami, United States
Against All Authority (Miami political punk/ska band)GroupUnited States1992Cutler Bay, United States2007Miami, United States4
The Agency (rock)GroupUnited StatesMiami, United States[unknown]
Akeem BrownleePersonMaleMiami, United States1992-12-22Miami Gardens, United States
Aklesso (christian rapper)PersonMaleMiami, United StatesMiami, United States
DJ ALCH3M1STPersonMaleMiami, United States
Alcohol Hero (Orel Abeckaser)PersonMaleMiami, United States1998-10-26Miami, United States
Douglas AldridgePersonMaleAtlanta, United States1985-02-22Miami, United States5
Alejandra DivoPersonFemaleMiami, United States1983-10-27Valencia
Alex Lay (Video Director)PersonMaleMiami, United States
Algorithm (Miami hip-hop group)GroupMiami, United States
All Hell Breaks LooseGroupUnited StatesMiami, United States2005-01-08Miami, United States
Susan Zuzka Allan (Miami based singer/cellist)PersonFemaleMiami, United States
ALX (Miami based DJ Alex Sanchez)PersonMaleUnited StatesMiami, United States
Sammy AmbrosePersonMaleFlorida, United States1940-04-05Miami, United States1988-02-26Miami-Dade County, United States
American BeetlesGroupUnited StatesMiami, United States
analog (alternative rock band from miami , fl)GroupMiami, United States2014Miami, United States
AnaNelloPersonFemaleMiami, United States1996-07-20New Jersey, United States
Alyx AnderPersonMaleMiami, United StatesQueens, New York, United States5
Julio AngelPersonMalePuerto Rico, United States1945-12-23Bayamón, United States2015-07-06Miami, United States
AnnaMaria (US spiritual/gospel singer)PersonFemaleUnited StatesMiami, United States
Antonio Brown (NFL football player, appeared on TV's The Masked Singer)PersonMalePittsburgh, United States1988-07-10Miami, United States
Steve AokiPersonMaleUnited States1977-11-30Miami, United States
Aphotic Apathy (space/dark ambient)Miami, United StatesMiami, United States
Ar KedabarPersonFemaleMiami, United States
Araphel (dark/ritual horror ambient)Miami, United StatesMiami, United States
Archetype (Miami cloud rap)Miami, United States
David ArchuletaPersonMaleUnited States1990-12-28Miami, United States5
Area 305GroupUnited States2003Miami, United States
Ariel Rose (Singer songwriter from Miami, FL.)PersonFemaleMiami, United States5
Philbert Armenteros (Philbert Roque Armenteros)PersonMaleMiami, United States
ArtOfficial (jazz-/funk-influenced hip-hop band)GroupUnited States2007Miami, United States
Lena AsherPersonFemaleMiami, United States1988-04-08Noyabrsk, Russia
Askultura (Ska Band from Miami, FL)GroupMiami, United States
Astari Nite (darkwave)GroupMiami, United States
AstroMapsGroupMiami, United StatesMiami, United States
Charles Austin (US jazz saxophonist/flutist)PersonMaleUnited States1930Miami, United States
Carlos AverhoffPersonMaleCuba1947-12-062016-12-22Miami, United States
Awesome New RepublicGroupUnited States2003Miami, United States
Elizabeth Ayoub (Born Venezuela, lives Miami, US)PersonFemaleMiami, United States
Courtney BPersonFemaleMiami, United States
The Baboons (Miami-based Latin funk band)GroupUnited States1993Miami, United States
Baby CalendarGroupUnited States2004Miami, United States
Baby GrampsPersonMaleUnited StatesMiami, United States
babywockPersonMaleMiami, United States1994-08-21Jamaica5
BachiPersonMaleTallahassee, United States1997-08-26Miami, United States
BacilosGroupUnited States1995Miami, United States20074.5
Bad Seed (American hard rock band)Group1993Miami, United States
Claudio Barrella (American DJ and producer)PersonMaleMiami, United StatesItaly
Arthur BarronPersonMaleMiami, United StatesBoston, United States
Tyler BartelPersonMaleMiami, United States1993-01-24Florida, United States
BasilioPersonMalePanama1947-10-13Panama City2009-10-11Miami, United States5
Bass Invaders (US Miami Bass group)GroupMiami, United States
BassadelicGroupUnited StatesMiami, United States
BASSIDEGroupMiami, United States
Ruth BatchelorPersonFemaleUnited States1934-02-12New York, New York, United States1992-07-23Miami, United States
Hal BattPersonMaleMiami, United States
Harold Bauer (UK-born pianist)PersonMaleUnited Kingdom1873-04-28Kingston upon Thames1951-03-12Miami, United States5
BAYWUDPersonMaleLos Angeles, United StatesMiami, United States
Beat AssailantPersonMaleUnited States1977Miami, United States
The Beat ClubGroupUnited States1987Miami, United States
Greg BeatoPersonMaleMiami, United States
Axel Beca (EDM Artist)PersonMaleMiami, United StatesMiami, United States
Martin BejeranoPersonMaleMiami, United States
Bekelé BerhanuPersonMaleItaly????-11-19Miami, United States
Ben YangPersonMaleMiami, United States
Aton Ben-HorinPersonMaleUnited States1979-10-11Miami, United States
Benda (dubstep dj)PersonMaleMiami, United States
Ilene BernsPersonFemaleUnited States1943-05-01Cleveland, United States2017-02-20Miami, United States
Danny BerríosPersonMaleUnited States1961-10-29Miami, United States
Best Wishes (American band)GroupFlorida, United States2005Miami, United States2006Miami, United States
Mora BestPersonFemaleMiami, United States
Big G (feat. with Camilo Tumbao)PersonMaleMiami, United States
Biggz GeneralPersonMaleMiami, United States
Bilal JPersonMaleMiami, United States1991-08-10Miami, United States
Bilal RightPersonMaleMiami, United States1991-08-10Miami, United States
The Billion Dollar Band (disco/funk band)GroupMiami, United States
David BinneyPersonMaleUnited States1961-08-02Miami, United States
Bird of Ill Omen (American metalcore band)GroupMiami, United States1996-08Miami, United States1998-11Miami, United States