Artist Type Gender Rating
#YEI (Javier García) Group
1st Lady Person Female
305curtis Person Male
A&G Group
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr Person Male
Adassa (reggaeton artist) Person Female
Adekwit (Jae Davis) Person Male
Adore Miridia Group
Afrobeta Group
Against All Authority Group
Alan Johnson (pianist) Person Male
Alex González Person Male
Alexander Izquierdo Person Male
Alfred Reed (US composer and conductor) Person Male
Allen Jacobi Person Male
ALX (Miami based DJ Alex Sanchez) Person Male
Alyx Ander Person Male
Amari Cooper (american football player) Person Male
American Beetles Group
Amigo the Devil Person Male
Ana Villafañe Person Female
analog (miami based alternative band) Group
analog (alternative rock band from miami , fl) Group
Andres Fresko Person Male
Anna-Catherine Hartley Person Female
Aphotic Apathy (space/dark ambient)
Araphel (dark/ritual horror ambient)
Area 305 Group
Arlene Sierra Person Female
Arnold Steiner Person Male
Arnold Volpe Person Male
ArtOfficial (jazz-/funk-influenced hip-hop band) Group
Asa Ferguson II Person Male
AstroMaps Group
Aton Ben-Horin Person Male
Austin Leeds Person
Awesome New Republic Group
Baby Calendar Group
Bacilos Group
Bad Seed (American hard rock band) Group
Bassadelic Group
Basside Group
Benny Davis (vaudeville performer) Person Male
Betsy de Torres Person Female
Billy Christiansen Person Male
Bird of Ill Omen (American metalcore band) Group
BJ KICKS Person Male
Black Janet (Alternative style Rock) Group
Blake Jenner Person Male
Blue Mitchell Person Male
Bob Marley (Jamaican reggae artist) Person Male
Bob Marley & The Wailers Group
Bonnie X Clyde Group
BoomBaptist Person Male
Borgeous Person Male
Brian Regan Person Male
Brika Person Female
Britt The Ruler (Brittany Jones) Person Female
Capsule (USA-FL hardcore band) Group
Carlos Averhoff Person Male
Carlos Granados Person Male
Carlos Ramirez (1940s-1950s film actor/singer) Person Male
Carmen Lombardo Person Male
Casey Hogan Person Male
Cato K Person Male
Caught Inside Group
Cave of Swimmers Group
Cécile McLorin Salvant Person Female
Cedella Marley-Booker Person Female
Cedric Wallace (jazz double bass player) Person Male
Chabuca Granda Person Female
Cho'zen Person Male
Chris Manson (Charles Manson, Christopher Manson) Person Male
Chris Smither Person Male
Chris Wong Won (aka Fresh Kid Ice) Person Male
Christopher Owens Person Male
Claudio Barrella (American DJ and producer) Person Male
Clefs of Lavender Hill Group
CNCO Group
Coco Montrese Person Other
Colby Hammond (Also Known as Miss Cash) Person Female
Concha Valdés Miranda Person Female
Connie (freestyle/dance‐pop singer Connie Martinez) Person Female
Cool & Dre Group
Cool Uncle (Bobby Caldwell and Jack Splash) Group
Courtney B Person Female
Cris Cab Person Male
Cristy C. Road Person Female
Cuero Trancao Group
Cyanide Regime Group
Cynic (US metal band) Group
Da Mooch Person Male
Dan Martin (UK hardcore/gabber producer aka Doormouse) Person
Danny Berríos Person Male
David Chesky Person Male
David Frangioni Person Male
David Thomas (US singer-songwriter/musician: Pere Ubu/Rocket From the Tombs) Person Male
Daytoday Craze Person Male
Debbie Cameron Person Female
Debonaire (Miami-based DJ and producer Claudio Barrella) Person Male