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parts: Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark
Central Denmark Region, Denmark
North Denmark Region, Denmark
Region Zealand, Denmark
Region of Southern Denmark, Denmark
instruments: bronze lur (Bronze age natural brass)
recording location for: Borders and Shading by In Flames
Bottled by In Flames
Dead Alone by In Flames
Dial 595-escape by In Flames
Discover Me Like Emptiness by In Flames
Evil in a Closet by In Flames
F(r)iend by In Flames
In Search for I by In Flames
Like You Better Dead by In Flames
My Sweet Shadow by In Flames
Superhero of the Computer Rage by In Flames
The Quiet Place (version with outro) by In Flames
Touch of Red by In Flames
Venner by Souvenirs (2006)
manufacturing location for: Diane by Chet Baker & Paul Bley
I Synge-Legeland 2 by Grethe Mogensen og Dragørbørnene
Jul i Køge by Jul i Køge
Som var der en fremtid by Ivan Malinowski
Tabu Recz by Tabu Recz
What’s Next? by Jan Lippert Hard Company
recording location for: Danemark • Chanteurs et ménétriers by Various Artists (1930 – 1986)
Rumspringa by Canon Blue (2009-07 – 2010-01)
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Wikidata: Q35 [info]
Wikipedia: en: Denmark [info]
anthem: Kong Christian stod ved højen mast
Der er et yndigt land (1835 –)
composing location for: Humoresker, op. 6 (for piano) (1865)
Humoresker, op. 6: No. 1. Tempo di valse (1865)
Humoresker, op. 6: No. 2. Tempo di menuetto ed energico (1865)
Humoresker, op. 6: No. 3. Allegretto con grazia (1865)
Humoresker, op. 6: No. 4. Allegro alla burla (1865)
writing location for: Der stode tre skalke
Det lider mod kvælden
Hr. Tidemand