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Artist Type Gender Rating
3+2 (hungarian band) Group
11 (Serbian group from Šabac) Group
187 (Serbian hip-hop group) Group
Abaddon (Death Metal band from Serbia) Group
Aci Krank Person Male
Acid Rain (Serbian power/progressive metal band) Group
Aco Pejović Person Male
Ajs Nigrutin Person Male
Alavux (Goran Alavuk, electro producer) Person Male
Alek Darson Person
Aleksandar Lazarević Person Male
Aleksandar Madžar Person Male
Aleksandar Sedlar Bogoev Person Male
Aleksandra Radosavljevic Person Female
Aleksandra Radović Person Female
Aleksandra Vrebalov Person Female
Alex The Serb Person Male
Alogia Group
Alternative Control Group
Amadeus Band (Serbian Pop Group) Group
Amaranth (Serbian band) Group
Ana Ćurčin (Serbian singer'songwriter) Person Female
Ana Nikolić Person Female
Ana Popović Person Female
Anax Person Male
Andagainandagain (ambiental / electroacoustic duo) Group
Anne Marie (Anamarija Tumbas from Serbia) Person Female
Antanas (Nenad Antanasijevic - ANTANAS from Belgrade,Serbia) Person Male
Antonija Barna Person Female
ARCO Quartet Group
Argon Sphere (Psychedelic trance artist) Person Male
Argus (Branko Stojiljkovic) Person Male
Armageddon (Serbia) Group
Armija spasa Group
Arpad Takač Person Male
Astral Sense Person Male
Atla (house artist) Person Male
Atomic Sunset Group
Aurora Lotus (Serbian singer Marija Popov) Person Female
Babe (Serbian pop-rock band formed in 1992, active untill mid 90s.) Group
Balint Tihamer (Psychedelic trance artist) Person Male
Bass-ta Group
Bata Božanić Person Male
Bata Illic Person Male
Bayaka (serbian group) Group
Become as One Group
Bellum Gothicum Orchestra Group
Belo Platno
Beltango Group
Biber (Serbian band) Group
Bilja Krstić & Bistrik Orchestra Group
Biljana Krstić Person Female
Bitipatibi Group
Black Ark Crew (reggae from serbia) Group
Black Sheep Screaming
Blame (Serbian EBM/industrial artist Boris Posavec) Group
Blitzkrieg (Serbian punk band) Group
Block Out Group
Bloodbath (Serbian death/thrash metal band) Group
Boban Marković Person Male
Boban Marković Orkestar Group
Bogdan Božović Person Male
Bojan Dugić Person Male
Bojan Z Person Male
Bojana Stamenov Person Female
Boki Milošević Person Male
Bonebreaker (Serbian punk band) Group
Bonggita Person
Bora Đorđević Person Male
Bora Dugić Person Male
Bora Rokovic Person Male
Borislav Bogosavljevic Person Male
Borivoj Krgin Person Male
BPM (Psytrance artists Aleksandar Lazarevic & Gradimir Kedzic) Group
Branimir Dobeš Person Male
Branislav Kovačev Person Male
Branislav Petrović Person Male
Branko Isaković Person Male
Branko Stojiljkovic Person Male
Brigand Group
Buka za decu Group
Burning Circle Group
BY-PASS (Serbian new prog grunge band) Group
Cactus Jack (Serbian rock band) Group
Caligari Person Male
Cane (Serbian musician Zoran Kostić) Person
CB4 (Serbian rap group) Group
Chincz (ch-in-ks) Person Male
Codex (Serbian drum and bass) Group
CommandSpry Person
Corrosive (darkstep) Person
D'n'D (Serbian pop duo) Group
Dafunk Person Male
Daggerspawn Group
Dah Group
Dalibor Delić Person Male
Dandi Disnea Group
Darkwood Dub Group
Dave Floyd (Serbian DJ) Person Male
David Maxim Micic Person Male