Artist Type Gender Rating
20B&H Group
21Prado Person Male
1912 (Progressive Rock) Group
A Doubles Person Male
A Titan, A Deity Group
Aashiq Al Rasul (Birmingham, UK) Group
Abigail's Mercy Group
Ace Buggy Person Male
Ace Bushy Striptease Group
Ace Kefford Stand Group
Ackbar Group
Ade Fenton Person Male
Adventure Club (UK indie rock band) Group
Alan Abbott Person Male
Alan Jones (Blackfoot Sue member) Person Male
Alaska MC (Arthur Hoffman; breaks/d'n'b MC) Person Male
Albert Ketèlbey (English composer) Person Male
Alcohol Licks Group
Alex Ohm Person Male
Alex Rhodez (Al ex Rho dez 'A dot R') Person Male
Alex Tepper Person Male
Alexander Ashworth (English baritone) Person Male
Alfred Mellon Person Male
Ali Campbell (UB40 member) Person Male
Alma Lusa (ESC 1998 for Portugal) Group
Alunah (UK doom metal band; not to be confused with "aluna") Group
Ambassador (UK grime/hip hop artist) Person Male
American Online Person Male
Amongst the Survivors Group
Amx (UK-based artist) Person
An Ending Ascend Person Male
Anaal Nathrakh Group
Andrew Cleyndert Person Male
Andrew Williams (Wilf of GBH) Person Male
Andy Cox (of The Beat) Person Male
Andy Garrett (UK Bass Producer) Person Male
Andy Hamilton (saxophonist) Person Male
Andy Wickett Person Male
Anna Leah (Aus/NZ singer) Person Female
Aries (dnb producer Aries Colab) Person Male
Arthur Darvill (actor) Person Male
Arthur S. Whitcomb Person Male
Ashwin Sood Person Male
Astro (UB40 toast, trumpet & percussion) Person Male
Atkins/May Project Group
Au Pairs Group
Ausgang (goth rock) Group
Authors (Birmingham, UK) Group
Avrocar Group
Awe (Rapper) Person Male
Bachdenkel Group
Bally Jagpal (Birmingham Bhangra artist) Person Male
Bally Sagoo Person Male
Band of Joy (UK rock band with Robert Plant) Group
Bangford Group
Barriemore Barlow Person Male
Barry Jackson (theatre director) Person Male
Barry Reeves (drummer) Person Male
Barzey Beats Person Male
Bass'Flo Male
Ben Ellington Person Male
Benediction Group
Benjamin Hudson McIldowie Person Male
Benjamin Yellowitz Person Male
Bentley Rhythm Ace Group
Beshara Group
Bhujhangy Group Group
BIG V (Beastmusik) Person Male
Bill Ward Person Male
Birdland (late 80s/early 90s UK indie rock band) Group
Birmingham Bach Choir Choir
Birmingham Citadel Band (of the Salvation Army) Group
Birmingham Conservatoire Other
Birmingham Contemporary Music Group Group
Bitty McLean Person Male
Black Sabbath Group
Black Symbol (reggae band from Birmingham, UK) Group
Blank Parody Group
Blaze Bayley Person Male
Boat to Row Group
Bobbie Lawrie Person Female
Bodalia Person Male
BREEZE (Dream Pop/Surf Band) Group
Brian Belton Person Male
Brian Griffin (Photographer) Person Male
Brian Priestman Person Male
Brian Travers Person Male
Broadcast (UK electronic music band on Warp Records) Group
Broken Chakra Group
Broken Witt Rebels Group
Call Me Unique Person Female
Cam Hooton (UK hip hop producer) Person Male
Canoldir Male Choir Choir
Carl Wayne Person Male
Casino (rock band from Birmingham, England) Group
Cat Chinn (Single Bullet) Person Female
Cause & Affect (Producer duo Chris Lorenzo & Kane) Group
CAVES (Shoegaze band from Birmingham, UK) Group
CBSO Youth Chorus (City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Youth Chorus) Choir
Cecilia Costello Person Female