Artist Type Gender Rating
Agentic (Gentic) Group
Bad Apes Group
Bibio Person Male
Bobby Kalski Person Male
Bong Idle Group
Charlotte Wallis Person Female
Credit to the Nation Group
Daniel James Taylor Person Male
Dave Steward Person Male
Deathsex Bloodbath Group
Fauxchisels Group
Fdluxx (AKA Fouad Dehghan - hip hop artist) Person Male
Feast of Friends Group
Fires That Divide Group
Flight 15 (Alternative Rock) Group
History of the Hawk (English hardcore punk band) Group
Ian Todd Person Male
Jack of All Group
Jake Brickley Person Male
Jamie Baggotts Person Male
Jessica Slowen Person Female
Joe Allen (singer/songwriter/guitarist, Joe Allen Band) Person Male
Kastchei (black metal)
Last Hounds Group
Levi Washington Person Male
Liberty Lies Group
Mallen Group
Matthew David Hanson Person Male
MC Fusion Person Male
Mentallica Group
Natalie Powers Person Female
Nick Foley (Hammond player from West Midlands, United Kingdom) Person Male
Nicky James (Michael Clifford Nicholls) Person Male
Nirvana UK Group
Owen Tromans Person Male
Panda Watch Group
Play by Ear (Producer / DJ) Group
Sara Lee (UK bassist, singer & songwriter) Person Female
Scott Woodward Person Male
Sister Shotgun Group
Sleuth (SleuthSounds) Person
Sonrisa (Latin Jazz World Fusion band) Group
Stuart Ojelay Person Male
SUE (Band from the West Midlands, England) Group
Sunshine Bloom Group
Talib al-Habib Person Male
Terence J Hughes Person Male
The Americas Group
The Buskers 74 Group
The Charlatans (90’s British Indie) Group
The Double Happy Group
The Mumblecores Group
The Ninetyten Group
The Settlers Group
Two Days Late Group
Vivien Lewis (Vivien) Person Female
Zak Christie Person Male
Zero Corporation Group
שְׁאוֹל (Sheol) Group