Grand March from "Aida" (for organ, Lemare)

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arranger: Edwin Lemare
composer: Giuseppe Verdi (Italian opera composer)
arrangement of: Aida: Atto Secondo, Scena Seconda. Gran Finale II: “Gloria all’Egitto, ad Iside” (Popolo, Sacerdoti)
referred to in medleys: Can’t Stop the Classics, Part 2


Date Title Artist Length
2009-07-07 – 2009-07-09 Grand March from "Aida" Christopher Herrick 6:47
Aida (Grand March) Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 7:38
Grand March (Aida) Giuseppe Verdi 4:26
Grand March from Aida Choir of St Mary's, Fishponds 1:19
Triumphal March (Aida) Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Patrick Thomas 6:26