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writer: Patrick Leonard
Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
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Wikidata: Q313351 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
2014-03-28 Frozen (The Voice performance) (live, 2014-03-28: The Voice of Finland) cover and live Sini Alatalo 2:35
Frozen Madonna 6:13
Frozen Madonna 6:14
Frozen Madonna feat. Kraftwerk 5:25
Frozen cover Girls Under Glass 5:02
Frozen cover Thy Disease 4:38
Frozen cover Kismet ?:??
Frozen cover Milczenie Owiec 3:50
Frozen cover Jeff Scott Soto 5:41
Frozen cover Gregorian 6:07
Frozen Madonna 5:22
Frozen Madonna 5:09
Frozen cover Fool’s Garden 5:26
Frozen cover Exit Eden feat. Simone Simons 5:35
Frozen cover and instrumental Munich Symphonic Sound Orchestra 3:53
Frozen cover Faith & Harmony 6:19
Frozen (2009 Celebration remaster) Madonna 6:18
Frozen cover [unknown] 5:09
Frozen cover Mad'House 5:11
Frozen cover Jeff Scott Soto 5:43
Frozen cover Talisman 5:41
Frozen Madonna 5:20
Frozen live Madonna 5:06
Frozen Madonna 5:01
Frozen cover Peace Brothers 3:26
Frozen cover Regardless of Me 5:48
Frozen Madonna 5:50
Frozen cover Angelina 5:08
Frozen Madonna 5:05
Frozen Madonna 5:08
Frozen Madonna 5:53
Frozen Madonna 4:21
Frozen Madonna 5:59
Frozen Madonna 5:26
Frozen Madonna 5:30
Frozen (Ambient mix) Madonna 6:44
Frozen (club mix) cover Kelly Carson 3:32
Frozen (club mix) cover Mad'House 6:08
Frozen (edit) Madonna 5:09
Frozen (extended club mix) Madonna 11:21
Frozen (extended club mix) Madonna 11:20
Frozen (extended club mix) Madonna 11:19
Frozen (extended club remix) Madonna 11:21
Frozen (Harlem-mix) Madonna 6:51
Frozen (instrumental) instrumental Madonna 6:13
Frozen (Madonna) cover Jeff Scott Soto 5:45
Frozen (Meltdown mix) Madonna 8:10
Frozen (meltdown mix) (long version) Madonna 8:13
Frozen (radio) cover Kelly Carson 4:48
Frozen (Razed in Black mix) cover Gene Loves Jezebel 5:01
Frozen (Razed in Black mix) cover Gene Loves Jezebel 5:01
Frozen (Ross Alexander remix) cover In Deep 6:12
Frozen (Ross Alexander remix) (part of Peroxide Megamix) cover In Deep 4:46
Frozen (Stereo MC's edit) (part of My Paradise DJ mix) partial Madonna 4:44
Frozen (Stereo MC's mix) Madonna 5:49
Frozen (Stereo MC's remix) Madonna 5:49
Frozen (Stereo MC’s remix) Madonna 5:49
Frozen (widescreen mix) Madonna 6:33
Frozen (widescreen mix) Madonna 6:02