Le nuove musiche: Amarilli, mia bella (edited by Paton for Alfred)

~ Madrigal


The Alfred score 26 Italian Songs and Arias credits "Guarini" (possibly Giovanni Battista Guarini) as the original lyricist, but the MusicBrainz entry for the original Work "Amarilli, mia bella" credits Elisabeth von Hessen-Kassel as lyricist.

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arranger: John Glenn Paton (vocal music editor)
composer: Giulio Caccini
lyricist: Guarini
translator: James P. Dunn (Composer)
publisher: Alfred Music
arrangement of: Amarilli, mia bella


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Amarilli, mia bella instrumental Joan Thompson 2:16
Le nuove musiche: Amarilli mia bella Giulio Caccini 2:17
Le nuove musiche: No. 8 Amarilli Nathalie Stutzmann, Orfeo 55 3:27