Love Is Blue

~ Song


ASCAP: 420140994, 420381868

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composer: André Popp
lyricist: Pierre Cour
translator: Bryan Blackburn
publisher: Intersong U.S.A.
Radio-Tele-Music GmbH
Radmus Publishing Inc.
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translated version of: L’amour est bleu


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1968-02-09 Love Is Blue cover Gábor Szabó 4:19
Love is Blue Paul Mauriat ?:??
Love is Blue instrumental The Sergio Rafael Orchestra 2:37
Love Is Blue Paul Mauriat 2:36
Love Is Blue instrumental Franck Pourcel and His Orchestra 2:57
Love Is Blue Dorothy Ashby 2:53
Love Is Blue cover Jeff Beck 2:58
Love Is Blue The Sandpipers 2:40
Love Is Blue cover and instrumental The Hill/Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo 2:32
Love Is Blue instrumental Boston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler 4:16
Love Is Blue instrumental Sil Austin 2:56
Love Is Blue Billy Vaughn 2:33
Love Is Blue / Lover's Concerto (medley) cover, instrumental and medley Myron Floren 2:58
O amor é azul cover and instrumental Elian Bittencourt 3:05