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writer: Barry Gibb
Maurice Gibb
Robin Gibb
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1991-05-28 Tragedy / You Win Again / I've Gotta Get a Message to You / Juliet (live, 1991-05-28: Freizeitpark Fredenbaum, Dortmund, Germany) live and medley Bee Gees ?:??
1991-07-05 Tragedy (live, 1991-07-05: Wembley Stadium, London, UK) live Bee Gees 5:15
1997-11-14 Tragedy (live, 1997-11-14: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV, USA) live Bee Gees 4:28
1998-09-05 Tragedy (live, 1998-09-05: Wembley Stadium, London, UK) live Bee Gees ?:??
1998-10-17 Tragedy / I Started a Joke (live, 1998-10-17: Estadio Boca Juniors, Buenos Aires, Argentina) live and medley Bee Gees ?:??
1998-11-28 Tragedy (live, 1998-11-28: Heartfelt Arena, Pretoria, South Africa) live Bee Gees ?:??
1999-03-27 Tragedy (live, 1999-03-27: Stadium Australia, Sydney, Australia) live Bee Gees ?:??
Steps Medley: Love's Got a Hold on My Heart / Tragedy / Better Best Forgotten medley The Children’s Audio Company 11:18
Tragedy cover Sweet Little Band ?:??
Tragedy cover Steps ?:??
Tragedy cover Steps ?:??
Tragedy cover Steps 3:35
Tragedy cover Steps ?:??
Tragedy Bee Gees 2:59
Tragedy Bee Gees 4:35
Tragedy (part of “Golden Beats Vol. 2 - Best of 70s & 80s” dj-mix) Bee Gees 4:28
Tragedy cover Celldweller 3:47
Tragedy cover AudioFeels 3:56
Tragedy cover Fausto Papetti 4:17
Tragedy cover [unknown] 4:38
Tragedy cover Boogie Disco Nights 3:58
Tragedy cover and instrumental Ricardo Caliente 5:10
Tragedy cover Obsession 4:48
Tragedy Bee Gees 5:04
Tragedy cover Wing 3:02
Tragedy Simon Greiff 3:56
Tragedy cover Top of the Poppers 4:35
Tragedy (karaoke version - no leading vocals) cover Steps 4:30
Tragedy cover Steps 4:26
Tragedy Bee Gees 4:00
Tragedy Bee Gees 3:50
Tragedy Bee Gees 3:58
Tragedy Bee Gees 3:03
Tragedy Bee Gees ?:??
Tragedy cover Steps 4:31
Tragedy (2) Bee Gees 3:49
Tragedy (Dance Routine) cover and partial Steps 6:05
Tragedy (instrumental) cover and instrumental Celldweller 3:47
Tragedy (W.I.P. Reception mix) cover Steps 5:15
Tragedy (W.I.P. Reception mix) cover Steps 6:26
Tragedy (WIP remix) cover Steps 6:57