Son Ar Chistr

~ Song


arranger: Alan Stivell
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Wikidata: Q4038376 [info]
later versions: All for One
How Much Is the Fish?
Zeven dagen lang


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
2009-05 – 2009-10 Sahtilaulu Teekkarikuoro 2:39
Ev Chistr ’ta, Laou! The Chieftains 1:58
Son ar chistr live Alan Stivell 3:05
Son ar chistr Alan Stivell 2:29
Son ar chistr live Alan Stivell 3:11
Son Ar Chistr Alan Stivell 3:06
Son Ar Christr Alan Stivell 3:06
Son ar Sistr cover Анастасия Паписова 3:13