Dink's Song

~ Song


Collected by John A Lomax in the 1940's from a woman named Dink.

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composer: [traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
lyricist: [traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
part of: Roud Folk Song Index (number: 10057)
Wikidata: Q3028359 [info]
later versions: Dink's Song (Bob Dylan arrangement)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Dink's Song Peggy Seeger 2:51
Dink's Song Roger McGuinn, Pete Seeger & Josh White Jr. 4:20
Dink's Song Chris Farrell 2:51
Dink's Song Roger McGuinn with Pete Seeger and Josh White Jr. 4:17
Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song) cover Marcus Mumford & Oscar Isaac 3:00
Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song) cover Oscar Isaac 2:47