Diane (from 1927 film "Seventh Heaven")

~ Song


composer: Lew Pollack
Erno Rapee
Wikidata: Q5271384 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1956-10-18 Diane instrumental John T. Williams Quartet, Russell Garcia 2:48
1985-02-27 Diane instrumental Chet Baker & Paul Bley 5:33
Call Up the Groups (medley) cover and medley The Barron Knights ?:??
Diane Sergio Franchi 2:38
Diane Paul Bley & Paul Motian 4:10
Diane Miles Davis Quintet 7:54
Diane instrumental Frankie Carle 2:09
Diane Vic Damone 2:13
Diane The Bachelors 2:31
Diane Miles Davis Quintet 7:47
Diane cover Cliff Adams Singers and the Jack Emblow Quartet 1:36
Diane cover The Bachelors 2:34
Diane cover The Bachelors 2:34