written on Barbra Streisand's request for her wedding to James Brolin.

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composer: Rolf Løvland
lyricist: Ann Hampton Callaway
publisher: Emanuel Music
Halaron Music
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Works of Heart Publishing
SecondHandSongs: [info]
is the basis for: Questo è per te


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1999-12-31 I've Dreamed of You live Barbra Streisand 3:25
1999 I've Dreamed of You Barbra Streisand 4:46
I Dreamed of You cover Lisa Lane feat. Bruce Kulick 3:47
I've Dreamed of You Secret Garden & Barbra Streisand 4:54
I've Dreamed of You Barbra Streisand 4:53
I've Dreamed of You Ann Hampton Callaway 5:08
I’ve Dreamed of You cover Katherine Jenkins 3:36
I’ve Dreamed of You (Questo e per te) Katherine Jenkins 3:37