Peggy Sue

~ Song


writer: Jerry Allison
Buddy Holly (1950s rock & roll singer-songwriter)
Norman Petty
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
2001-12-08 Peggy Sue cover and live Showaddywaddy 1:25
Buddy Holly Medley: That’ll Be the Day / It’s So Easy / Maybe Baby / Everyday / Heartbeat / Peggy Sue / That’ll Be the Day cover and medley Mike Berry 6:03
Peggy Sue cover The Beach Boys 2:16
Peggy Sue cover Lou Reed 3:19
Peggy Sue (digitally remixed and remastered) cover John Lennon 2:05
Peggy Sue cover John Lennon 1:19
Peggy Sue cover New Riders of the Purple Sage 2:38
Peggy Sue cover The Hollies 2:40
Peggy Sue cover Shakin’ Stevens 2:37
Peggy Sue cover Tav Falco's Panther Burns 2:36
Peggy Sue cover Connie Francis 3:17
Peggy Sue cover Mike Berry 2:53
Peggy Sue cover The Rivieras 2:16
Peggy Sue cover Cobra Starship 2:51
Peggy Sue cover and instrumental Hank Marvin 2:50
Peggy Sue cover Bobby Vee & The Crickets 2:19
Peggy Sue Buddy Holly 2:31
Peggy Sue cover The Rock Band Revival 2:12
Peggy Sue Buddy Holly 2:31
Peggy Sue cover Kincade 2:47
Peggy Sue (original studio master) cover John Lennon 2:04
Peggy Sue cover Freaky Fukin Weirdoz 3:40
Peggy Sue (1989 original London cast) cover and live Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison & Norman Petty 2:26
Peggy Sue Buddy Holly 2:31
Peggy Sue Buddy Holly 2:31
Peggy Sue Buddy Holly 2:30
Peggy Sue Buddy Holly & The Picks 2:30
Peggy Sue (Ed Sullivan Show) live Buddy Holly ?:??
Peggy-Sue I cover Les Wampas 0:42
Peggy-Sue II cover Les Wampas 1:56