composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
part of: 12 Various Folksongs for one or more Voices, Violin, Violoncello and Piano, WoO 157


Date Title Artist Length
1996-08 12 Songs of Various Nationalities, WoO 157 no. 8: "By the side of the shannon" Sir Thomas Allen, Elizabeth Layton, Malcolm Martineau, Ursula Smith 2:21
Songs (12) of Various Nationality for voice & piano trio, WoO 157 No. 8: By the side of the shannon Ludwig van Beethoven 2:11
Twelve Various Folksongs, WoO 157, No. 8, "By the Side of the Shannon" Manfred Bittner, Cornelius Boensch, Michael Clark, Zsuzsa Zsizsmann 2:11