writer: Woody Guthrie
later versions: Hard Travelin' (Adam Brodsky lyrics)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1947 Hard Travelin' Woody Guthrie 2:33
1947 Hard Travelin' Woody Guthrie 2:30
1947 Hard Traveling Woody Guthrie 2:35
1996-02-26 Hard Travelin' cover Ramblin’ Jack Elliott feat. Jerry Jeff Walker 2:47
1996-09-29 Hard Travelin’ (live, 1996-09-29: Severance Hall, Cleveland, OH, USA) cover and live Severance Hall Cast 3:31
Hard Travel cover and live Bob Dylan 3:43
Hard Travelin' cover Emily Hurd 3:40
Hard Travelin' Woody Guthrie 2:14
Hard Travelin' (1962-02: Cynthia Gooding Radio Show, New York, NY, USA) cover and live Bob Dylan 3:41
Hard Travelin' Woody Guthrie with Cisco Houston and Sonny Terry 2:13
Hard Travelin' (Woody Guthrie) Woody Guthrie 2:54
Hard Travelin’ cover and live Bruce Springsteen 4:01
Hard Traveling cover Bob Dylan 4:55
Hard Traveling cover Cisco Houston 1:30
Hard Travelling (1962-01-13: Folksinger's Choice, WBAI Studios, New York City, NY, USA) live Bob Dylan ?:??