Hey Brother

~ Song


composer: Arash Pournouri
Tim Bergling
writer: Salem Al Fakir
Arash Pournouri
Tim Bergling
Vincent Pontare
Dan Tyminski
Wikipedia: en: Hey Brother [info]
later parody versions: Take Cover


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
2014-03-01 Hey Brother (live, 2014-03-01: Nokia Kontserdimaja) cover and live VHK bänd Rhythm of Adventure 2:54
Hey Brother Avicii 4:19
Hey Brother cover Gaitway Brothers 4:16
Hey Brother cover Voice Male 4:07
Hey Brother Avicii 4:10
Hey Brother cover and instrumental Ely Jaffe 2:44
Hey Brother Avicii 4:15
Hey Brother (Avicii by Avicii) Avicii 6:09
Hey Brother (The Voice Performance) cover Will Champlin 3:00