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composer: Jack Black (American actor/singer/comedian)
Kyle Gass
lyricist: Jack Black (American actor/singer/comedian)
Kyle Gass
Wikidata: Q3110340 [info]
lyrics page: [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
2001-10-07 Tribute live Tenacious D ?:??
2005-08-20 Tribute / Stairway to Heaven (live, 2005-08-20: Marco Polo Club, Budapest, Hungary) cover and live Danny Cavanagh 12:57
2005-09-22 Tribute live Tenacious D 5:46
2006-12-03 Tribute live Tenacious D 5:13
2013-07-08 Tribute cover and live Unicante 4:47
Tribute Tenacious D 4:08
Tribute cover Out of the Blue 4:12
Tribute cover Grum Lee 3:49
Tribute cover University of California, Los Angeles Awaken A Cappella 4:55
Tribute (radio edit) Tenacious D 4:10
Tribute cover The Dust Bowl Cavaliers 3:47