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writer: Jesse Shatkin
Sia Furler (Australian singer-songwriter)
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Wikidata: Q16028874 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
2014-06-18 Chandelier (live; 2014-06-18: The Howard Stern Show: New York, NY, USA) live Sia 3:41
2015-07-06 Chandelier (live, 2015-07-06: Bearsville Theater, Woodstock, NY, USA) cover and live Amanda Palmer 5:10
Best of 2014: Problem / Boom Clap / Rude / Am I Wrong / All About That Bass / All of Me / Chandelier / Blank Space / Not a Bad Thing / Happy cover and medley Anthem Lights 3:23
Chandelier Sia 3:35
Chandelier cover Madilyn Bailey 3:23
Chandelier (Live, 2015, "Like a Version" Session) cover and live Montaigne 3:34
Chandelier cover The Wind and The Wave 4:08
Chandelier Sia 3:36
Chandelier cover and live FORK 3:51
Chandelier (live) cover and live Kina Grannis 3:32
Chandelier cover Death in Rome 4:56
Chandelier cover Leo Moracchioli 3:24
Chandelier cover Madilyn Bailey 3:23
Chandelier cover Landa 5:24
Chandelier cover Sabrina 3:33
Chandelier Sia ?:??
Chandelier cover Neri per caso 3:24
Chandelier (Cutmore club remix) Sia 5:08
Chandelier (Dev Hynes remix) Sia 3:43
Chandelier (Four Tet remix) Sia 4:31
Chandelier (Hector Fonseca remix) Sia 6:26
Chandelier (instrumental) instrumental Sia 3:36
Chandelier (Liam Keegan remix) Sia 5:15
Chandelier (Owlle remix) Sia 4:18
Chandelier (piano version) Sia 4:00
Chandelier (Plastic Plates remix) Sia 4:27
Chandelier (Sia cover) cover Illumenium 4:08
Chandelier (The Voice Performance) cover and live Jordan Smith 3:20
Rapper’s Delight / Chandelier Mash‐Up cover and medley The Puppini Sisters 2:39