"As We Sailed Into Skibbereen" uses original lyrics by Jackie Leven, set to the melody of "One Too Many Mornings". Leven claimed that this was done at the suggestion of Bob Dylan himself, but that story is of doubtful veracity. Leven claimed that he met with Dylan at a bar in Berlin on 1988-10-05, but Dylan is known to have been in California on that date, not Germany, so the timeline for Leven's claim is also doubtful. It has been reported that Leven's single containing this song was forced to be removed from the UK market by Dylan's label at the time (Columbia), though Columbia did not block its release in Germany. The song was then included on Leven's 1996 album "The Argyle Cycle". Notably, however, recent digital download listings for this song list only Jackie Leven, without co-crediting Bob Dylan.

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composer: Bob Dylan
lyricist: Jackie Leven (1988)
version of: One Too Many Mornings


Date Title Artist Length
As We Sailed Into Skibbereen Jackie Leven 3:40
As We Sailed Into Skibbereen Jackie Leven 3:39