Mamy Blue (English version)

~ Song


composer: Hubert Giraud
lyricist: Hubert Giraud
translator: Phil Trim
Wikipedia: en: Mamy Blue [info]
later translated versions: Mamy Blue (Finnish)
translated version of: Mamy blue (French version)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Mammie Blue cover Horace Andy 3:29
Mammy blue cover Thanh Hà 3:51
Mammy Blue cover Alan Caddy Orchestra & Singers ?:??
Mammy Blue cover and instrumental Виктор Зинчук ?:??
Mamy blue Nicoletta 3:51
Mamy Blue Ricky Shayne 4:50
Mamy Blue (german version) Ricky Shayne 5:03
Mamy Blue cover Céline Dion 3:22
Mamy Blue cover Paul Mauriat 2:49
Mamy Blue Pop Tops 3:46
Mamy Blue cover Mario Cavallero et Bobby Powell 3:32
Medley: Mamy Blue / Soley Soley / Something Tells Me instrumental and medley Franz Lambert 3:46
Mummy Blue cover Сергей Пенкин 4:37