The Lakes of Pontchartrain (aka Creole Girl)

~ Song


composer: [traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
lyricist: [traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
part of: Roud Folk Song Index (number: 1836)
Wikidata: Q7745272 [info]
other databases: [info]
is the basis for: Bruach Loch Pontchartrain
later versions: The Lily of the West


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1989-06-15 Lakes of Pontchartrain (1989-06-15: Palacio de Los Deportes, Madrid, Spain) cover and live Bob Dylan ?:??
2014-11 Lakes of Pontchartrain David Rovics 4:27
Creole Girl (1988-06-10: Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA, USA) live Bob Dylan 6:05
Lake of Pontchartrain Tangerine Dream 7:21
Lakes of Ponchartrain Hothouse Flowers 8:03
Lakes of Ponchartrain / Little Liza Jane Martin Simpson 5:18
Lakes of Pontchartrain cover Christy Moore 3:54
Lakes of Pontchartrain (1989-06-13: Les Arènes, Fréjus, France) cover and live Bob Dylan ?:??
Lakes of Pontchartrain cover and live Bob Dylan 5:02
Lakes of Pontchartrain cover and live Bob Dylan 5:21
Lakes of Porchartrain instrumental [unknown] 2:33
The Banks of Pochartrain Rapalje 4:35
The Lakes of Ponchartrain cover Martin Simpson 3:39
The Lakes of Pontchartrain cover Planxty 5:48