Walking Blues

~ Song


composer: Robert Johnson (1930s blues legend)
lyricist: Robert Johnson (1930s blues legend)
SecondHandSongs: http://www.secondhandsongs.com/work/4105 [info]
Wikidata: Q7962414 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1972 Walkin' Blues (live, 1972: Paris, France) cover and live Muddy Waters 5:50
1992-01-16 Walkin’ Blues (live, 1992-01-16: Bray Film Studios, Windsor, England) cover and live Eric Clapton 3:37
1992-01-16 Walkin’ Blues live Eric Clapton 3:36
2001-01-21 Walkin' Blues cover and live R.L. Burnside 4:30
2004-07-17 Walking Blues (live, 2004-07-17: The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Australia) cover and live Ash Grunwald 4:15
Walkin' Blues cover and live Grateful Dead 6:53
Walkin' Blues live Muddy Waters 4:06
Walkin' Blues cover John Kay 2:45
Walkin' Blues cover and live Grateful Dead 5:44
Walkin’ Blues Robert Johnson 2:31
Walkin’ Blues cover The Butterfield Blues Band 3:21
Walkin’ Blues Muddy Waters 2:58
Walkin’ Blues (take 1) Eric Clapton 3:48
Walking Blues cover Geoff Achison 3:16
Walking Blues cover Robert Lockwood Jr. 2:37
Walking Blues cover Ash Grunwald 3:57
Walking Blues Papa George 5:49