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composer: Kim Fowley
Пётр Ильич Чайковский (Tchaikovsky - Russian romantic composer)
publisher: Kim Fowley Music
Wikidata: Q7070396 [info]
is based on: The Nutcracker (suite from the ballet), op. 71a: II. Danses caractéristiques: a) Marche. Tempo di marcia viva
referred to in medleys: Golden Years of Rock and Roll


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
2009-11-07 Nutrocker (live, 2009-11-07: Ervin J. Nutter Center, Fairborn, OH, USA) cover and live Trans‐Siberian Orchestra ?:??
Nut Rocker Emerson, Lake & Palmer 4:31
Nut Rocker B. Bumble & The Stingers 2:01
Nutrocker Emerson, Lake & Palmer 4:23
Nutrocker Emerson, Lake & Palmer 4:27
Nutrocker Emerson, Lake & Palmer 4:33
Nutrocker cover Louis Clark and The BBC Concert Orchestra 2:34
Nutrocker cover Trans‐Siberian Orchestra 4:05
Nutrocker cover Emerson, Lake & Palmer 4:29