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composer: Joaquín Rodrigo (Spanish composer and virtuoso pianist)
lyricist: Guy Bontempelli
is based on: Concierto de Aranjuez
referred to in medleys: Hooked on Romance, Part 2


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1967 Aranjuez mon amour Richard Anthony 4:52
Aranjuez Mon Amor cover and instrumental Franck Pourcel 3:00
Aranjuez mon amour Heiki Mätlik 3:41
Aranjuez mon amour instrumental The Sergio Rafael Orchestra 4:18
Aranjuez mon amour Richard Anthony 5:37
Aranjuez mon amour instrumental Joaquín Rodrigo 4:23
Aranjuez mon amour cover The Biddu Orchestra 4:00
Aranjuez Mon Amour cover Biddu Orchestra 4:01
Aranjuez, mon amour Ion Vanescu & Orchestra 4:17
Hooked on Romance, Part 2 medley Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Louis Clark 6:41
ロドリーゴ:我心のアランフェス‘Aranjuez Mon Amour’ 〜 明日の鐘 medley THE ALFEE with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 8:32