composer: Prince (“The Artist Formerly Known as…”)
lyricist: Prince (“The Artist Formerly Known as…”)
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Wikidata: Q3006211 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
End Credits (Sign 'o' the Times Instrumental) (live) instrumental Prince 5:29
Prince Megamix (DMC Mix by Sanny X) medley and partial Prince 8:48
Sign 'o' the Times cover Nils Petter Molvær feat. Sidsel Endresen 4:29
Sign 'o' the Times cover and live Montezuma's Revenge 3:57
Sign 'o' the Times cover Joacim Lund 3:14
Sign 'O' The Times cover Chaka Khan 5:24
Sign ‘O’ the Times cover Chaka Khan 5:00
Sign ’o’ the Times cover Steven Wilson 3:57
Sign ’o’ the Times cover Nina Simone 5:37
Sign “☮” the Times Prince 4:57
Sign “☮” the Times (edit) Prince 3:44
Sign “☮” the Times (live) live Prince 5:05
Sign o' the Times cover Heaven 17 4:45
Sign o’ the Times cover Simple Minds 5:38
Sign O’ the Times Simple Minds 4:16
Sign o’ the Times (CJ Mackintosh mix) cover Simple Minds 6:15