The Gambler

~ Soundtrack


Almost the entire score is based on Mahler’s 1st Symphony (also extracting material from the Blumine movement).

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additional composer: Jerry Fielding
arranger: Jerry Fielding
composer: Gustav Mahler
IMDb: [info]
is based on: Symphony no. 1 in D major “Titan”
parts: After the Game (The Gambler)
Airplane (The Gambler)
End Credits (The Gambler)
Finale (The Gambler)
Finale (Alternate A) (The Gambler)
Finale (Alternate B) (The Gambler)
Finale (Alternate C) (The Gambler)
Grandpa’s Victrola (The Gambler)
Harlem Bar Source (Part 1) (The Gambler)
Harlem Bar Source (Part 2) (The Gambler)
Hips Comes to Visit (The Gambler)
Howie’s Apt (Part 1) (The Gambler)
Howie’s Apt (Part 2) (The Gambler)
I Love Winning (The Gambler)
In the Bank (The Gambler)
Main Title (The Gambler)
Monique's Room (The Gambler)
Not for a Jew (The Gambler)
On the Beach (The Gambler)
On the Morning After (The Gambler)
On the Morning After (Alternate) (The Gambler)
Piano Music (The Gambler)
Ricky’s Apt (The Gambler)
Source No. 1 (The Gambler)
Spencer Practices (The Gambler)
The Big Win (The Gambler)
The Big Win (Alternate) (The Gambler)
The Fix and the Tall Tale (The Gambler)
To Grandpa’s House (The Gambler)
To Interior School Hall (The Gambler)
Waiting for Billie (The Gambler)
Waiting for One (The Gambler)
What Time is It (The Gambler)