Danse ta vie

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composer: Giorgio Moroder
lyricist: Michel Mallory
SecondHandSongs: https://secondhandsongs.com/work/94398 [info]
version of: Flashdance… What a Feeling


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Danse ta vie Sylvie Vartan 3:58
Danse ta vie Sylvie Vartan 3:56
Danse ta vie (Flashdance "What a Feeling") Sylvie Vartan 3:57
Danse ta vie (Flashdance… What a Feeling) cover Vitaa & Maude 3:14
Danse ta vie (Flashdance) New Paradise and Tiffany 3:58
Danse ta vie (V.F. flashdance) New Paradise and Tiffany 3:56