Guillaume Tell

~ Opera


composer: Gioachino Rossini (Italian composer 1792-1868)
librettist: Hippolyte Louis-Florent Bis (librettist)
Étienne de Jouy
Wikidata: Q729659 [info]
Wikipedia: en: William Tell (opera) [info]
fr: Guillaume Tell (opéra) [info]
it: Guglielmo Tell (opera) [info]
is the basis for: Duo brillante on themes from "Guillaume Tell"
Introducción, variaciones y coda sobre un tema de "Guglielmo Tell" de Rossini
later translated versions: Guglielmo Tell (translated by Luigi Balocchi)
Guglielmo Tell (translated by Calisto Bassi)
parts: 1. Guillaume Tell: Overture
2. Guillaume Tell: Acte I
3. Guillaume Tell: Acte II
4. Guillaume Tell: Acte III
5. Guillaume Tell: Acte IV


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1988-10-10 – 1988-11-28 Finale from "William Tell" instrumental The Allentown Band, Ronald Demkee 3:23
2010-01 Guillaume Tell: Ils s’éloignent enfin partial Gioachino Rossini 8:19