Wait (Beatles song)

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writer: John Lennon (Beatle)
Paul McCartney
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Wikidata: Q922778 [info]
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referred to in medleys: Beatles Medley (Stars on 45)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Wait (1987 remix) The Beatles 2:15
Wait cover Connie Evingson 4:38
Wait cover Ben Kweller feat. Albert Hammond Jr. 2:24
Wait cover Cara Dillon & Sam Lakeman 3:05
Wait cover Yellow Matter Custard 2:42
Wait cover The Selfish Cales 2:18
Wait (original mono studio mix) The Beatles 2:13
Wait (original stereo studio mix) The Beatles 2:14
Wait cover and instrumental Henrique Cazes & Paulo Sérgio Santos 2:58
Wait cover and instrumental The Hill/Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo 2:13