State Fair (1962 film soundtrack)

~ Soundtrack


several additional songs written by Rodgers alone were included in the 1962 film:
"Never Say No to a Man"
"Willing and Eager"
"This Isn't Heaven"
"The Little Things in Texas"
"More Than Just a Friend"

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composer: Richard Rodgers
lyricist: Oscar Hammerstein II
Richard Rodgers
parts: Fair Dance (State Fair, 1962)
Finale (State Fair)
Isn’t It Kinda Fun? (State Fair)
It Might as Well Be Spring (State Fair)
It’s a Grand Night for Singing (State Fair)
More Than Just a Friend (State Fair, 1962)
Never Say No to a Man (State Fair, 1962)
Our State Fair (State Fair, main title)
Romance Medley (State Fair, 1962)
That’s for Me (State Fair)
The Little Things in Texas (State Fair, 1962)
This Isn't Heaven (State Fair, 1962)
Willing and Eager (State Fair, 1962)