Mr. Roboto

~ Song


composer: Dennis DeYoung
lyricist: Dennis DeYoung
publisher: Stygian Songs
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata: Q1579807 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1983-04-09 – 1983-04-10 Mr. Roboto (live, 1983-04-09,10: Saenger Theater, New Orleans, LA, USA) live Styx 4:59
Domo Arigato Mr Robot cover POLYSICS 4:41
Mr. Roboto cover and instrumental Super Power Club 4:35
Mr. Roboto Styx 4:11
Mr. Roboto cover The Protomen 5:43
Mr. Roboto cover Phil Lewis 4:59
Mr. Roboto (music video) Styx 5:34
Mr. Roboto cover John Anealio 2:50
Mr. Roboto (single version) Styx 4:44
Mr. Roboto cover Jeffster! 4:54
Mr. Roboto Styx 5:29
Mr. Roboto cover Tufts University Beelzebubs 5:11
Mr. Roboto / Counting Stars cover Glee Cast feat. Skylar Astin 3:53