CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Knoxville: Summer of 1915
Samuel Barber 15:12
2 What a Curse for a Woman is a Timid Man from The Old Maid and the Thief
Gian Carlo Menotti 4:19
3 Mirabai Songs: I. It's True, I Went to the Market
John Harbison 2:46
4 Mirabai Songs: II. All I Was Doing Was Breathing
John Harbison 2:49
5 Mirabai Songs: III. Why Mira Can't Go Back to Her Old House
John Harbison 2:06
6 Mirabai Songs: IV. Where Did You Go?
John Harbison 2:00
7 Mirabai Songs: V. The Clouds
John Harbison 2:54
8 Mirabai Songs: VI. Don't Go, Don't Go
John Harbison 3:42
9 No Word From Tom from The Rake's Progress
Igor Stravinsky 7:22


CD 1

Gian Carlo Menotti (track 2)
Samuel Barber (– 1947) (track 1)
John Harbison (1982) (tracks 3–8)
David Zinman (1988-08) (tracks 1–9)
James Agee (writer) (track 1)
Meerabai (16th century poet) (tracks 3–8)
Orchestra of St. Luke’s (1988-08) (tracks 1–9)
soprano vocals:
Dawn Upshaw (1988-08) (tracks 1–9)
Robert Bly (poet, translator, writer) (tracks 3–8)
premiered at:
Symphony Hall (Boston) in Boston, Massachusetts, United States (1948-04-09) (track 1)
recorded at:
part of:
Works of Samuel Barber by opus number (number: op. 24) (track 1)
part of:
Mirabai Songs (tracks 3–8)
recording of:
Knoxville: Summer of 1915, op. 24 (for voice and orchestra) (1988-08) (track 1)
Mirabai Songs: V. The Clouds (1988-08) (track 7)