12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Free Speech for the Dumb
3.1 2:35
A2 It’s Electric
3.7 3:33
A3 Sabbra Cadabra
4.3 6:20
A4 Turn the Page
4.5 6:06
B1 Die, Die My Darling
4.4 2:29
B2 Loverman
3.8 7:52
B3 Mercyful Fate
3.5 11:11
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Rating Length
C1 Astronomy
4.5 6:37
C2 Whiskey in the Jar
4.6 5:04
C3 Tuesday’s Gone
3.9 9:05
C4 The More I See
3.2 4:48
D1 Helpless
3.85 6:38
D2 The Small Hours
3 6:43
D3 The Wait
3.7 4:55
D4 Crash Course in Brain Surgery
3.15 3:10
D5 Last Caress / Green Hell
4 3:29
12" Vinyl 3
# Title Rating Length
E1 Am I Evil?
3.85 7:50
E2 Blitzkrieg
3.65 3:36
E3 Breadfan
4.15 5:41
E4 The Prince
3.75 4:25
E5 Stone Cold Crazy
3.55 2:17
F1 So What
4 3:08
F2 Killing Time
3.3 3:03
F3 Overkill
3.3 4:04
F4 Damage Case
3.2 3:40
F5 Stone Dead Forever
3.3 4:51
F6 Too Late Too Late
3.15 3:12


12" Vinyl 1

Nick Cave (track B2)
Hank Shermann (track B3)
Glenn Danzig (track B1)
Bob Seger (1972) (track A4)
Nick Cave (track B2)
Glenn Danzig (track B1)
King Diamond (the man) (track B3)
Bob Seger (track A4)
Geezer Butler (tracks A3, A3, A3)
Sean Harris (Diamond Head lead vocalist) (track A2)
Tony Iommi (tracks A3, A3, A3)
Garry Maloney (track A1)
Kelvin Morris (track A1)
Ozzy Osbourne (tracks A3, A3, A3)
Tony Roberts (punk guitarist, aka Bones) (track A1)
Brian Tatler (track A2)
Roy Wainright (track A1)
Bill Ward (tracks A3, A3, A3)
cover recording of:
Die, Die My Darling (track B1)
It's Electric (track A2)
Loverman (track B2)
Sabbra Cadabra (track A3)
Turn the Page (track A4)
Mercyful Fate (1998) (track B3)
later translated versions:
medley including a cover recording of:
A National Acrobat (track A3)
Sabbra Cadabra (track A3)
medley of:
Satan’s Fall (track B3)
Into the Coven (track B3)
Evil (track B3)

12" Vinyl 2

Thin Lizzy (track C2)
James Hetfield (track C2)
Lars Ulrich (track C2)
Allen Collins (track C3)
Glenn Danzig (tracks D5, D5)
Ronnie Van Zant (track C3)
Glenn Danzig (tracks D5, D5)
Randy Staub (track C2)
phonographic copyright by:
Metallica (1987) (tracks D1–D5)
Bob Rock (track C2)
recording engineer:
Randy Staub (track C2)
Bryan Bartley (track D2)
Albert Bouchard (track C1)
Joe Bouchard (track C1)
Tony Bourge (track D4)
Jaz Coleman (tracks D3, D3)
Paul Ferguson (tracks D3, D3)
Martin Glover (tracks D3, D3)
Sean Harris (Diamond Head lead vocalist) (track D1)
Ron Levine (Scottish metal drummer for Holocaust) (track D2)
Garry Maloney (track C4)
John McCullim (track D2)
Kelvin Morris (track C4)
John Mortimer (Scottish metal guitarist & vocalist for Holocaust) (track D2)
Sandy Pearlman (track C1)
Ray Phillips (Welsh drummer) (track D4)
Tony Roberts (punk guitarist, aka Bones) (track C4)
Burke Shelley (track D4)
Brian Tatler (track D1)
Roy Wainright (track C4)
Geordie Walker (tracks D3, D3)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track C2)
cover recording of:
Astronomy (track C1)
Helpless (track D1)
The More I See (track C4)
The Small Hours (track D2)
The Wait (track D3)
Tuesday’s Gone (track C3)
Whiskey in the Jar (rock version, arranged by Thin Lizzy) (track C2)
later parody versions:
Last Christmas (track D5)
later versions:
live cover recording of:
The Wait (track D3)
medley including a cover recording of:
Green Hell (track D5)
Last Caress (track D5)
version of:
Whiskey in the Jar (traditional) (track C2)

12" Vinyl 3

Lars Ulrich (track E4)
Jason Newsted (track E4)
Flemming Rasmussen (track E4)
Michael Barbiero (track E4)
Mike Clink (tracks E3–E4)
Jeffrey ‘Nik’ Norman (tracks E1–E2)
Toby Wright (producer & engineer) (track E3)
lead vocals:
James Hetfield (track E4)
George Marino (tracks F3–F6)
Flemming Rasmussen (tracks E3–E4)
Randy Staub (tracks F3–F6)
phonographic copyright by:
Metallica (1981) (track E2)
Mark Whitaker (1981) (track E2)
Metallica (1982) (track E1)
Mark Whitaker (1982) (track E1)
Metallica (tracks E1–E2, E4–E5)
Flemming Rasmussen (track E4)
Mark Whitaker (tracks E1–E2)
David Bates (Sweet Savage) (track F2)
Clive Blake (track F1)
Tony Bourge (track E3)
Vivian Campbell (track F2)
Eddie Clarke (Motorhead guitarist) (tracks F3–F6)
Nick Culmer (track F1)
John Deacon (track E5)
Chris Exall (track F1)
Mick Farren (track F4)
Trevor Fleming (track F2)
Raymond Haller (track F2)
Sean Harris (Diamond Head lead vocalist) (tracks E1, E4)
Ian Jones (UK metal guitarist for Blitzkrieg) (track E2)
Lemmy Kilmister (tracks F3–F6)
Brian May (Queen guitarist) (track E5)
Freddie Mercury (track E5)
Ray Phillips (Welsh drummer) (track E3)
Brian Smith (UK metal vocalist for Blitzkrieg) (track E2)
Burke Shelley (track E3)
Jim Sirotto (track E2)
Brian Tatler (tracks E1, E4)
Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor (former Motörhead drummer) (tracks F3–F6)
Roger Taylor (Queen drummer) (track E5)
Motor Music Ltd (Motörhead publisher) (track F5)
Neat Music (track E2)
Zomba Music (track E1)
sampled by:
cover recording of:
Am I Evil? (track E1)
Blitzkrieg (track E2)
Breadfan (track E3)
Killing Time (track F2)
So What? (Anti-Nowhere League) (track F1)
Stone Cold Crazy (track E5)
The Prince (track E4)
Damage Case (1995-12-13) (track F4)
Overkill (Motörhead song) (1995-12-13) (track F3)
Stone Dead Forever (1995-12-13) (track F5)
Too Late, Too Late (1995-12-13) (track F6)
is the basis for:
Overkillers (track F3)
later translated versions:
Kylmä, kylmä kivi (track F5)