Lot of online confusion about this, as most resources seem to erroneously report this as including the additional Deeds Not Words.
This has also been reissued as is under Mercury SR 80010 (stereo), and apparently also Mercury MG-20524 (mono) and Mercury SR-60201 (stereo).
Nippon Phonogram 195J 42 does include the additional Deed.

It was also stated that Minor Mode was not part of the original MG 36140 release, though this appears questionable.
All tracks, including Love for Sale and Deeds, are included in the Mosaic Roach Mercuy boxset, disc 4.
Note that there is more confusion about the exact venue details for Love for Sale, that Mosaic lists as from an earlier (studio) session, though it seems it was part of the Newport gig, and that the date for the rest of the gig is discussed as being either from the 6th or 7th of July.
Excellent album, anyhow, essential for both Little and Roach fans.

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Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Villa
2 Night in Tunisia
3 Tune-Up
4 Minor Mode
5 Love for Sale