The artwork seems to be wrong for the first track - both the DiscID and fingerprint give the length as 15:17.

credited to:
Radio‐Symphonieorchester Ljubljana, Anton Nanut (#1)
Orchestre radio‐symphonique, Loic Bertrand (#2–15)

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Boléro
Maurice Ravel 15:17
2 Carmen Suite no. 1: Prélude
Georges Bizet 1:22
3 Carmen Suite no. 1: Aragonaise
Georges Bizet 2:14
4 Carmen Suite no. 1: Intermezzo
Georges Bizet 2:41
5 Carmen Suite no. 1: Seguedille
Georges Bizet 1:54
6 Carmen Suite no. 1: Les Dragons d’Alcala
Georges Bizet 1:38
7 Carmen Suite no. 1: Les Toréadors
Georges Bizet 2:19
8 Carmen Suite no. 2: Marche des Contrebandiers
Georges Bizet 3:58
9 Carmen Suite no. 2: Habanera
Georges Bizet 4 2:10
10 Carmen Suite no. 2: Nocturne
Georges Bizet 4:10
11 Carmen Suite no. 2: Chanson du Toréador
Georges Bizet 2:40
12 Carmen Suite no. 2: La Garde Montante
Georges Bizet 3:51
13 Carmen Suite no. 2: Danse Bohème
Georges Bizet 4:35
14 L’Arlésienne: Overture
Georges Bizet 6:43
15 L’Arlésienne: Carillon
Georges Bizet 4:45


CD 1

Georges Bizet (French romantic composer) (tracks 2–13)
Georges Bizet (French romantic composer) (1872) (tracks 14–15)
Maurice Ravel (classical composer) (1928) (track 1)
Loic Bertrand (tracks 2–15)
Cesare Cantieri (an Alfred Scholz pseudonym) (tracks 2–10)
Emil Edlinger (track 7)
Zdeněk Košler (track 9)
Anton Nanut (conductor) (track 1)
Alfred Scholz (tracks 2–10, 14–15)
János Sándor (tracks 2–12)
Budapesti Filharmóniai Társaság Zenekara (Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra) (tracks 2–12)
London Festival Orchestra (Alfred Scholz pseudonym) (tracks 2–10, 14–15)
Nemzeti Filharmonikus Zenekar (Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra) (track 7)
Philharmonia Orchestra (London orchestra, known as New Philharmonia Orchestra from 1964-1976) (track 8)
Symphonic Orchestra of the Ljubljana Radio (RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra) (tracks 1–10)
Symfonický orchester Slovenského rozhlasu (Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra) (track 9)
premiered at:
Palais Garnier in Paris, Île-de-France, France (1928-11-22) (track 1)
part of:
Boléro (catch-all for arrangements) (track 1)
Boléro (arr. Ravel for piano 4-hands) (track 1)
Carmen (arrangement for strings by Louise-Andrée Baril) (track 7)
Carmen Suite no. 1: VI. Les toréadors (catch-all for arrangements) (track 7)
March of the Kings (Geoff Zanelli's arrangement) (track 14)
March of the Kings (non-choir) (Geoff Zanelli's arrangement) (track 14)
The March of the Kings (Trans‐Siberian Orchestra arrangement) (track 14)
is based on:
Carmen : Acte III. Entr’acte (intermission between Acts III & IV) (track 3)
Carmen: Acte I. Entr’acte (intermission between Acts I & II) (track 6)
Carmen: Acte II. Entr’acte (intermission between Acts II & III) (track 4)
Carmen: Prélude (track 7)
is the basis for:
No More Boleros (track 1)
ピアノのおけいこ1 (Final Fantasy V) (track 9)
later parody versions:
Bolero (track 1)
Bolero (track 1)
Le Parti d'en rire (track 1)
later versions:
Bolero (arr. Hans Hasso Stamer) (track 1)
Bolero (Starink version) (track 1)
Boléro (arr. Ravel for 2 pianos) (track 1)
Boléro (arr. Django Rheinhardt) (track 1)
L'Arlésienne Suite no. 1: I. Prélude (for piano, Bizet) (track 14)
L'Arlésienne Suite no. 1: IV. Carillon (for piano, Bizet) (track 15)
Troublant Bolero (track 1)
part of:
L'Arlésienne Suite no. 1, op. 23bis (for orchestra) (tracks 14–15)
Carmen Suite no. 1 (tracks 2–7)
Carmen Suite no. 2 (tracks 8–13)
recording of:
Boléro (track 1)
Carmen Suite no. 1: II. Aragonaise (based on Carmen: Entr’acte between Acts III and IV) (track 3)
Carmen Suite no. 1: III. Intermezzo (based on Carmen: Entr’acte between Acts II and III) (track 4)
Carmen Suite no. 1: IV. Séguedille (based on Carmen: Act I. Séguedille et Duo « Près des remparts de Séville ») (track 5)
Carmen Suite no. 1: V. Les Dragons d’Alcala (based on Carmen: Entr’acte between Acts I and II) (track 6)
Carmen Suite no. 1: VI. Les Toréadors (theme from Carmen: Prelude to Act I and Carmen: Act IV. « Les voici ! Voici la quadrille ! ») (track 7)
referred to in medleys:
This Is the Story (Clare Muldaur) (track 1)


manufactured in: Sweden
copyrighted by: Elap Music A/S (not for release label use! Scandinavian subsidiary of Elap Music) (1990)
phonographic copyright by: Elap Music A/S (not for release label use! Scandinavian subsidiary of Elap Music) (1990)
part of: The Rose Collection (Elap Music)