12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Huge Box
The Bien 4:01
A2 Ein 0041
Quino 3:19
A3 Kyo de Sayonara
Momo 2:56
A4 Through the Heavenly Eyes
The Flag 2:59
A5 Barren Land
Man Decade 2:16
A6 Drow the Curve
Dea 2:36
A7 Blue Rose
Suttee 2:30
A8 Cheerful Afternoon
Roly Poly 1:52
B1 An Idle Land
S Core 1:34
B2 Cowboy Go Ahead
Camp Three 2:33
B3 Lusefeea
Haiginsha 4:28
B4 Eastern Blue
Femme Fatale 2:23
B5 Back of Universe
Mamo Bell 2:03
B6 Gomenne
Ten Nin Go Sui 3:14
B7 Gulliver Takes a Walk
Circadian Rhythm 2:35
B8 Acryl Baby
Iris Underground 2:59


Release Group

part of: Obscure Independent Classics (number: 4)