Picture disc limited to approximately 250 copies. It was given free with the entrance ticket at the first Hau Ruck! Festival, which took place in Vienna on the 1st November 2002.

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Evenenado
Nový Svět 1:56
A2 Demokratur part 2
Tribe of Circle 5:14
A3 Ex-Trans 696
CO Caspar 9:02
A4 Cosmic Meatball
Mushroom's Patience 5:43
B1 Black Faith Black Sun Black Times
:Of the Wand & the Moon: 6:22
B2 Songe D'Un Matin Dete
Dernière Volonté 5:15
B3 Nada 2
I-C-K 5:35
B4 De Corpore Politik
Novo Homo 5:05