CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 As Time Goes By (Casablanca)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 3:08
2 El amor es algo maravilloso (La colina del adios)
Golden Strings Orchestra 2:14
3 Oficial y caballero (Oficial y caballero)
Synthesizer Moods 5:27
4 Tema de tara (Lo que el viento se llevó)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:25
5 Lawrence de arabia (Lawrence de arabia)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:47
6 Candilejas (Candilejas)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 3:23
7 De aquí a la eternidad (De aquí a la eternidad)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:21
8 La calle donde vives (My fair lady)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 3:34
9 Arthur's Theme (Arthur, el soltero de oro)
Fausto Papetti 4:09
10 Chase (Expreso de medianoche)
Synthesizer Moods 3:49
11 La guerra de las galaxias (La guerra de las galaxias)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 3:32
12 El gran Gatsby (El gran gatsby)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 1:41
13 Moon river (Desayuno con diamantes)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 3:55
14 Do, re, mi (Sonrisas y lágrimas)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:35
15 Ha nacido una estrella (Ha nacido una estrella)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 3:04
16 El padrino (El padrino)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:33
CD 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Cantando bajo la lluvia (Cantando bajo la lluvia)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:44
2 Memorias de Africa (Memorias de Africa)
Synthesizer Moods 3:02
3 Tema de Lara (Doctor zhivago)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:25
4 Zorba el griego (Zorba el griego)
Golden Strings Orchestra 2:54
5 High noon (Solo ante el peligro)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:53
6 Cabaret (Cabaret)
Fausto Papetti 2:44
7 Verano del 42 (Verano del 42)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 3:55
8 Tal como éramos (Tal como éramos)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:56
9 Superman (Superman)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 4:59
10 Mona Lisa (Captain Carey)
Salzburgo Orchestra 2:50
11 El coloso en llamas (El coloso en llamas)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 3:10
12 Gotas de lluvia (Dos hombres y un destino)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:38
13 Gigi (Gigi)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 3:08
14 Love story (Love story)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:50
15 Los niños del pireo (Nunca en domingo)
Roy Etzel 2:42
16 Summertime (Porgy and Bess)
Fausto Papetti 2:23
CD 3
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 La mujer de rojo (La mujer de rojo)
Fausto Papetti 3:13
2 La sombra de tu sonrisa (Castillos en la arena)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:36
3 América (West Side Story)
Salzburgo Orchestra 2:28
4 Carros de fuego (Carros de fuego)
Synthesizer Moods 3:46
5 Tiburón (Tiburón)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:07
6 Si yo fuera rico (El violinista en el tejado)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:46
7 Tres monedas en la fuente (Creemos en el amor)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 3:33
8 Hello Dolly (Hello Dolly)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 3:02
9 Un americano en París (Un americano en parís)
Fausto Papetti 2:07
10 Éxodo (Éxodo)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:05
11 El golpe (El golpe)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:46
12 El continental (La alegre divorciada)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:32
13 Las noches rojas de Harlem (Shaft)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 4:22
14 Coronel Bogey (El puente sobre el río Kwai)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:36
15 Oklahoma (Oklahoma)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 2:51
16 Días de vino y rosas (Días de vino y rosas)
Henry Salomon and Orchestra 3:29
17 Navidades blancas (Navidades blancas)
La Orquesta de Raúl Aguirre 3:05


CD 1

Maurice Jarre (track 5)
Frederick Loewe (track 8)
Henry Mancini (American composer, conductor and arranger) (track 13)
Giorgio Moroder (track 10)
Richard Rodgers (track 14)
Nino Rota (track 16)
John Williams (soundtrack composer & conductor) (track 11)
Herman Hupfeld (track 1)
Barbra Streisand (1976) (track 15)
Herman Hupfeld (track 1)
Alan Jay Lerner (track 8)
Johnny Mercer (track 13)
Paul Williams (US songwriter/soft rock vocalist) (1976) (track 15)
Peter Allen (track 9)
Burt Bacharach (track 9)
Christopher Cross (track 9)
Carole Bayer Sager (track 9)
Chappell (track 1)
Chappell & Co Ltd. (track 8)
Redwood Music Ltd. (Carlin) (track 1)
Sony/ATV Harmony (track 13)
Warner Bros., Inc. (not for release label use!) (track 1)
cover recording of:
Moon River (track 13)
instrumental recording of:
As Time Goes By (the song from "Casablanca") (track 1)
Do‐Re‐Mi (The Sound of Music) (track 14)
On the Street Where You Live (My Fair Lady) (track 8)
later parody versions:
later translated parody versions:
El padrino (track 16)
later translated versions:
Do‐Ré‐Mi (The Sound of Music, French version) (track 14)
Evergreen (Love Theme from "A Star Is Born") (Spanish version) (track 15)
Kun aika rientää (track 1)
Men tiden går (track 1)
Privé d’amour (French lyric version of "As Time Goes By") (track 1)
多雷咪 (track 14)
樣樣做到好 (track 9)
later versions:
De rêve en rêverie (French version of "Evergreen", the love theme from A Star Is Born) (track 15)
Die Liebe bleibt (track 1)
Le temps qui passe (track 1)
Speak Softly Love (The Godfather, Love Theme) (track 16)
part of:
My Fair Lady (full musical) (track 8)
Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002 film score) (track 11)
The Sound of Music (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical) (track 14)
recording of:
Chase (track 10)
Main Title (Star Wars) (track 11)
Theme (Lawrence of Arabia) (track 5)
referred to in medleys:
Popurijs Mūzikas skaņas (selections from The Sound of Music) (track 14)
My Fair Lady Suite (track 8)

CD 2

Burt Bacharach (track 12)
Nacio Herb Brown (US songwriter) (track 1)
George Gershwin (composer) (track 16)
Maurice Jarre (track 3)
John Kander (track 6)
Jay Livingston (track 10)
Frederick Loewe (track 13)
Dimitri Tiomkin (track 5)
John Williams (soundtrack composer & conductor) (track 9)
Hal David (track 12)
Fred Ebb (track 6)
Ray Evans (track 10)
Arthur Freed (track 1)
Ira Gershwin (track 16)
DuBose Heyward (track 16)
Alan Jay Lerner (track 13)
Ned Washington (track 5)
Big 3 Music Ltd. (track 3)
Chappell & Co. (track 16)
Chappell Music Ltd. (tracks 13, 16)
Robbins Music (publishing company owned by EMI Music Publishing Ltd.) (track 1)
Warner/Chappell (tracks 13, 16)
Ira Gershwin Music (1935) (track 16)
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) (1935) (track 16)
Summertime (catch-all for arrangements) (track 16)
instrumental recording of:
Gigi (Gigi) (track 13)
Mona Lisa (track 10)
Summertime (American songbook standard from 1935 opera Porgy and Bess) (track 16)
is based on:
is the basis for:
Doin’ Time (track 16)
Llorarás (track 12)
Summertime (Rick Wakeman arrangement) (track 16)
The Bones of You (track 16)
later translated parody versions:
Rägejodel (track 12)
Tschibuti (track 16)
later translated versions:
C'est l'été (track 16)
Mona Lisa (track 10)
Sommartid (track 16)
Summa is (track 16)
later versions:
Cabaret (track 6)
Gigi (French version) (track 13)
Somewhere My Love (track 3)
part of:
Cabaret (musical) (track 6)
Singin' in the Rain (1952 film) (track 1)
Singin' in the Rain (full musical) (track 1)
Gigi (full musical) (track 13)
recording of:
Cabaret (title song from the Kander & Ebb musical) (track 6)
Lara’s Theme (track 3)
Main Theme (Superman: The Movie) (track 9)
The Ballad of High Noon (Movie theme) (track 5)
referred to in medleys:

CD 3

Leonard Bernstein (American composer and conductor) (track 3)
Jerry Bock (track 6)
Jerry Herman (track 8)
Henry Mancini (American composer, conductor and arranger) (track 16)
Johnny Mandel (American composer and arranger) (track 2)
Richard Rodgers (track 15)
Jule Styne (track 7)
Vangelis (Greek composer of electronic, new age and classical) (track 4)
Con Conrad (1934) (track 12)
Irving Berlin (1938 – 1940) (track 17)
John Williams (soundtrack composer & conductor) (1975) (track 5)
Jerry Herman (track 8)
Sammy Cahn (track 7)
Sheldon Harnick (track 6)
Johnny Mercer (track 16)
Stephen Sondheim (track 3)
Herb Magidson (1934) (track 12)
Irving Berlin (1938 – 1940) (track 17)
Chappell & Co. (track 6)
Copyright Control (not for release label use! this is only for copyrights and publishing relationships) (track 17)
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!) (tracks 4, 15)
Universal/MCA Music (music publisher; do not use as release label!) (track 3)
Warner/Chappell Music, Ltd. (1996–present) (track 17)
Irving Berlin Music Company (1940 –) (track 17)
cover recording of:
Chariots of Fire (title theme of the 1981 film) (track 4)
Hello, Dolly! (track 8)
instrumental recording of:
Oklahoma (track 15)
West Side Story: America (Anita, Shark Girls) (track 3)
White Christmas (track 17)
is the basis for:
Race to the End (song version of Chariots of Fire: Titles) (track 4)
later parody versions:
later translated versions:
America (West Side Story, Japanese version) (track 3)
America (track 3)
Amerika je Amerika (track 3)
Rap jul (track 17)
Si yo fuera rico (track 6)
Valkea joulu (track 17)
later versions:
Hello, Dolly (french version) (track 8)
Le Sourire de mon amour (from the film: "Le chevalier des sables") (track 2)
Om jag hade pengar (track 6)
Rich Girl (track 6)
Weiße Weihnacht (track 17)
part of:
Hello, Dolly! (track 8)
West Side Story (track 3)
Oklahoma! (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical) (track 15)
Father and Son (track 5)
Main Theme (Jaws) (track 5)
Out to Sea (Jaws) (track 5)
The Empty Raft (track 5)
The First Victim (track 5)
The Shark Cage Fugue (Jaws) (track 5)
recording of:
Jaws (1975 film score) (track 5)
The Continental (from The Gay Divorcee) (track 12)
referred to in medleys:
Mix 4 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (track 17)
Oklahoma Suite! (tracks 15, 15)
West Side Story Medley (Clayderman) (track 3)
West Side Story (Peter Riese arrangement) (track 3)