12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Day by Day
A2 Sentimental Journey
A3 Almost Like Being in Love
A4 Five Minutes More
A5 American Beauty Rose
A6 Yes Indeed!
B1 On the Sunny Side of the Street
B2 Don't Take Your Love From Me
B3 That Old Black Magic
B4 Lover
B5 Paper Doll
B6 I've Heard That Song Before


12" Vinyl 1

Johnny Best (jazz trumpeter) (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Conrad Gozzo (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Joe Graves (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Maurice Harris (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Manny Klein (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Vito N. Mangano (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
James Salko (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Shorty Sherock (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Rubin "Zeke" Zarchy (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Johnny Best (jazz trumpeter) (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Conrad Gozzo (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Manny Klein (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Vito N. Mangano (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Shorty Sherock (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Ray Triscari (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Stu Williamson (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Johnny Best (jazz trumpeter) (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Conrad Gozzo (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Joe Graves (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Manny Klein (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Vito N. Mangano (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Shorty Sherock (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Ray Triscari (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Stu Williamson (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Rubin "Zeke" Zarchy (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Irv Cottler (1961-03-20) (track A1)
Irv Cottler (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Irv Cottler (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Tony Rizzi (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Bobby Gibbons (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Bobby Gibbons (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
double bass:
Joe Comfort (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Joe Comfort (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Joe Comfort (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Bill Miller (pianist) (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Bill Miller (pianist) (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Bill Miller (pianist) (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Phil Stephens (bass and tuba player) (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Phil Stephens (bass and tuba player) (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Phil Stephens (bass and tuba player) (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Kathryn Julye (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Veryle Brilhart (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Kathryn Julye (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
C. E. Carpenter (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
James Henderson (trombone) (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Richard Kenney (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Lew McCreary (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Barrett O'Hara (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Jimmy Priddy (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Kenneth Trimble (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
C. E. Carpenter (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
James Henderson (trombone) (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Lew McCreary (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Frank Rosolino (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Tommy Shepard (trombonist) (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Ken Shroyer (trombonist) (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Kenneth Trimble (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
C. E. Carpenter (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
James Henderson (trombone) (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Lew McCreary (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Frank Rosolino (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Tommy Shepard (trombonist) (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Ken Shroyer (trombonist) (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Kenneth Trimble (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
French horn:
James Craas (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
William Culley (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Fred Fox (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Gale H. Robinson (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
James Decker (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Wally Linder (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Arthur Maebe (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Claude Sherry (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Vincent DeRosa (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
James Decker (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Fred Fox (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Richard Perissi (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Bill Holman (track B3)
Heine Beau (1961-03-20) (tracks A2, B1–B2)
Billy May (1961-03-20) (track A1)
Heine Beau (1961-03-21) (tracks A5, B3)
Billy May (1961-03-21) (tracks A6, B6)
Heine Beau (1961-03-22) (tracks A3, B4)
Billy May (1961-03-22) (tracks A4, B5)
Frederick Loewe (track A3)
Jimmy McHugh (songwriter) (track B1)
Johnny Mercer (track B3)
Axel Stordahl (track A1)
Jule Styne (track A4)
Paul Weston (track A1)
Johnny S. Black (track B5)
Henry Nemo (track B2)
Sy Oliver (track A6)
Richard Rodgers (1932) (track B4)
Harold Arlen (1942) (track B3)
Jule Styne (1942) (track B6)
Les Brown (American big band & jazz musician) (1944) (track A2)
Ben Homer (1944) (track A2)
Billy May (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Billy May (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Billy May (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Johnny Best (jazz trumpeter) (1961-03-20) (tracks A2, B1–B2)
lead vocals:
Frank Sinatra (1961-03-20) (tracks A2, B2)
Johnny S. Black (track B5)
Sammy Cahn (tracks A1, A4)
Dorothy Fields (US Tin Pan Alley librettist and lyricist) (track B1)
Alan Jay Lerner (track A3)
Henry Nemo (track B2)
Sy Oliver (track A6)
Lorenz Hart (1932) (track B4)
Sammy Cahn (1942) (track B6)
Johnny Mercer (1942) (track B3)
Bud Green (1944) (track A2)
Billy May & His Orchestra (1961-03-20) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
Billy May & His Orchestra (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Billy May & His Orchestra (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Frank Sinatra (tracks A2, B1–B2)
Frank Sinatra (1961-03-20) (track A1)
Frank Sinatra (1961-03-21) (tracks A5–A6, B3, B6)
Frank Sinatra (1961-03-22) (tracks A3–A4, B4–B5)
Arthur Altman (track A5)
Hal David (track A5)
Redd Evans (track A5)
phonographic copyright by:
Masterworks Series (2013) (tracks A1–B6)
Morley Music Corp. (track A2)
recorded at:
Capitol Tower in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States (1961-03) (tracks A1–B6)
later translated versions:
On the Sunny Side of the Street (Portuguese version) (track B1)
Quando sogno (track B1)
later versions:
Ce diable noir (track B3)
Fem minuter till (track A4)
Terugkiek (track A2)
part of:
Brigadoon (complete musical) (track A3)
recording of:
Day by Day (1961-03-20) (track A1)
Don't Take Your Love From Me (1961-03-20) (track B2)
On the Sunny Side of the Street (1961-03-20) (track B1)
Sentimental Journey (1961-03-20) (track A2)
American Beauty Rose (1961-03-21) (track A5)
I’ve Heard That Song Before (1961-03-21) (track B6)
That Old Black Magic (1961-03-21) (track B3)
Yes Indeed (1961-03-21) (track A6)
Almost Like Being in Love (from "Brigadoon") (1961-03-22) (track A3)
Five Minutes More (1961-03-22) (track A4)
Lover (1961-03-22) (track B4)
Paper Doll (1961-03-22) (track B5)
referred to in medleys:
Big Band Swing (track A6)

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