From the album notes: 'Sally' was a song about Mike's feelings for his girlfriend Sally Cooper. Sung by Mike and Nico Ramsden, it contained the chorus "Sally, I'm just a gorilla, I'll say I'll love you ever more/Even an ape from Manila couldn't stop me knocking on your door". On hearing this, Virgin boss Richard Branson took an instant disliking to the song and demanded that it should be removed from the album, to be replaced by 'Into Wonderland' sung by Wendy Roberts (although when interviewed by David Porter in 1995, Wendy Roberts said she thought that the track which she recorded was called Sally, and knew nothing of what had gone on with the replacing of the original song). Some copies had already been pressed, so the early pressings of the LP contain the song Sally. All the rest contain Into Wonderland, although the album artwork was never updated, so the labels still say Sally (as do the CDs I've seen).

The original pressing with the 'real' Sally-track is here:

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Platinum, Part 1: Airborne
4.5 5:06
2 Platinum, Part 2: Platinum
4.5 6:07
3 Platinum, Part 3: Charleston
4 3:17
4 Platinum, Part 4: North Star / Platinum Finale
4.5 4:49
5 Woodhenge
3 4:05
6 Into Wonderland
4 3:47
7 Punkadiddle
4 5:47
8 I Got Rhythm
4 4:44


CD 1

Mike Oldfield (track 4)
Philip Glass (track 4)
Mike Oldfield (tracks 1, 1–2, 2–3, 3–7)
George Gershwin (composer) (1930) (track 8)
guest lead vocals:
Wendy Roberts (track 8)
guest vocals:
Wendy Roberts (track 6)
Mike Oldfield (track 6)
Ira Gershwin (1930) (track 8)
Philip R. Newell (producer) (track 8)
Tom Newman (producer, guitarist) (tracks 1–3)
New World Music Co. (1930) (track 8)
arrangement of:
Étoile Polaire (track 4)
I Got Rhythm (for piano solo) (track 8)
I Got Rhythm (for brass ensemble, Harvey) (track 8)
cover recording of:
I Got Rhythm (track 8)
is based on:
is the basis for:
later translated versions:
I hob Rhythmus (track 8)
part of:
An American in Paris (2015 Broadway musical) (track 8)
Crazy For You (1992 Musical) (track 8)
Girl Crazy (1930 Musical) (track 8)
Platinum (tracks 1–4)
partial recording of:
Platinum (tracks 1–3)
recording of:
Into Wonderland (track 6)
Punkadiddle (track 7)
Woodhenge (track 5)
referred to in medleys:
The Rhythm Series (track 8)


acoustic guitar, electric guitar, marimba, piano, synthesizer and vibraphone: Mike Oldfield
additional arranger: David Bedford
Peter Gordon (composer, producer and orchestrator)
Michael Riesman
additional engineer: Renate Blauel
Richard Manwaring
engineer: Kurt Munkacsi
Tom Newman (producer, guitarist)
guest drums: Morris Pert
Allan Schwartzberg
guest drums and vibraphone: Pierre Moerlen
guest bass: Francisco Centeno
Neil Jason (bassist)
Hansford Rowe
guest tubular bells: Sally Cooper
guest keyboard: Peter Lemer (English jazz musician)
Nico Ramsden
guest congas: Demalza
photography: Trevor Key
producer: Tom Newman (producer, guitarist)
vocals: Mike Oldfield
remastered versions: Platinum (deluxe edition)
ASIN: UK: B000025JVI [info]
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other databases: [info]