CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Intro
2 The Soundboy and the Terrorist
3 Bring That Back
4 Big Tunes. Big Hits
5 The Lesson
6 Dirty Mouth Music
7 Let's Get Tight
8 Generation Bleep
9 Welcome to Our Ageing Sideshow
10 Darkness Creeps but the Nightmare Crawls
11 We Keep It Straight Bombing
12 Bass Bins Through Broken Glass
13 Tings Get Heat Up, Rewound and Torn Down
14 How About Some Rock & Roll?
15 The Art of Getting Crazy
16 King of the Junglism
17 A Monster in the Music Box
18 I Wanna See All the Hands
19 We Are Ninja, Now Cue the Fireworks
20 See You Later


CD 1

mash-up of:
10 Man Roll by Jammer feat. Boy Better Know (track 13)
1009 by Bonobo (track 8)
A Pomba Girou by Zero dB feat. Heidi Vogel (track 8)
Akaire by DJ Food (track 12)
Alice Effekt by Drome (track 19)
Animals by Bonobo (track 11)
Apt. A (1) by cLOUDDEAD (track 1)
Be Your Own by One Self (track 19)
Beaks by Super Numeri (tracks 2, 15)
Big Furry Head by Amon Tobin (track 12)
Break by DJ Food (tracks 9, 17)
Bring Madlib Up by DJ Shadow (track 14)
Bruce Lee MC by MC Quincy (track 16)
Buffalos by Homelife (track 12)
Bump (Switch remix) by Spank Rock (tracks 7, 18)
Bust by Hexstatic (track 7)
Cat & Mouse by Mr. Scruff (track 8)
Cris Chana by Wagon Christ (track 6)
D Song by Bonobo (track 9)
Dark Lady by DJ Food (track 4)
Dazzla Interlude by Lotek Hi-Fi feat. Shlomo (track 1)
Diaspora by Ghislain Poirier (track 13)
Dirt by King Cannibal feat. Daddy Freddy (track 1)
Double Edge by Emika (tracks 10, 12)
Drop Audio by The Qemists feat. I.D. (track 16)
Estarlay by Journeyman (track 9)
Eyes Cream by DJ Food (track 8)
Foley Room by Amon Tobin (track 12)
Fuckaz by The Bug feat. Spaceape (track 12)
Fungle Junk by DJ Food (track 16)
Gangsters by Wiley (track 11)
Ganja (feat. Flowdan) by The Bug (tracks 10–11)
Get Crazy by Poirier feat. Mr. Slaughter (track 15)
Get Crazy by Ghislain Poirier (tracks 3, 14)
Girlfriend by TTC (track 15)
Give It Up by Coldcut (track 9)
Golden Oldie by 9 Lazy 9 (track 19)
Got One Life by The Qemists feat. MC Navigator (track 18)
Green by Fink (track 18)
Half Step by DJ Food (track 2)
Heavy Into Jeff by Cougar (track 19)
High Life by Two Fingers feat. Sway (track 13)
Hold On by Mr. Scruff with Andreya Triana (track 3)
Hurt Less by The Qemists feat. Jenna G (track 18)
I Took Two by Daedelus (track 11)
Intro by The Herbaliser (track 1)
Just for the Kick by Coldcut (track 12)
Karnival by Poirier (track 15)
Kitchen Sink by Amon Tobin (track 12)
L-Virata by Hexstatic (track 8)
La Centinela by Neotropic (track 18)
Lithuania by Jaga Jazzist (track 9)
Mama 6, Part 1 by Journeyman (track 1)
Moody Roadie by DJ Food (track 9)
Moody Rudy by DJ Food (track 14)
Mumble by DJ Food (track 2)
Neon by Rhys Chatham & Martin Wheeler (track 13)
No by Hex (track 13)
Noah's Toilet by Coldcut (track 9)
Nocturne by DJ Food (track 9)
Outro by The Infesticons (track 19)
Poison Dart by The Bug feat. Warrior Queen (track 12)
Police $ign by Pop Levi (track 14)
Reanimator by Amon Tobin (track 16)
Rhinelander by Cougar (track 12)
Scratch Yer Hed by DJ Food (track 4)
Sexy Bits by DJ Food (tracks 3, 10, 20)
Sexy Bits by DJ Food (track 18)
Sideshow Man by Neotropic (track 9)
Slew Test 2 by Kid Koala (tracks 1, 14)
Snack by Mr. Scruff (track 16)
So You Want More (Refix) by Ty featuring Roots Manuva (track 4)
Sordid by Amon Tobin (track 5)
Soundface by The Qemists feat. Beardyman (track 18)
Sunflower Girl by Neotropic (tracks 10, 13)
Tea & Beer (Freestyle) (The Herbaliser: Herbal Blend) by The Herbaliser feat. Jean Grae (track 1)
Test the Sound by Mr. Scruff (track 3)
The Food Song by DJ Food (track 3)
The Funnies by Wagon Christ (track 8)
The Nasty by Amon Tobin (track 17)
The Terrorist by DJ Vadim feat. Moshun Man (track 2)
The Untitled by King Cannibal (track 15)
Thred by Hex (track 20)
Thundersnow by Cougar (track 14)
Timber by Coldcut & Hexstatic (tracks 7, 9)
Time & Space (live, 2007-11-02: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK) by The Cinematic Orchestra (track 17)
Torn Up in Praise by Spokes (track 20)
Toys Are Us by Hexstatic (track 7)
Traffic by Cujo (track 17)
Tunnel by Shuttle (track 10)
Vector by Hexstatic (track 9)
Wail by Mr. Scruff (track 9)
Warning by The Bug feat. Flowdan (track 1)
We Are Ninja by Fink (track 19)
Wha-La-La-Leng by Poirier feat. Face‐T (track 2)
Whiplash by Mr. Scruff (track 13)
Who Me by DJ Vadim feat. Demolition Man (track 2)
Wires & Snakes by Amon Tobin (track 17)
Your Mother by DJ Food (track 7)
Zen Bones by Bogus Order (track 6)
£3 Shank by DJ Food (track 2)

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