12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Ain’t My Bitch
4 5:04
A2 2 × 4
3.15 5:28
A3 The House Jack Built
4.15 6:39
A4 Until It Sleeps
4.45 4:30
B1 King Nothing
4 5:28
B2 Hero of the Day
4 4:22
B3 Bleeding Me
4.45 8:18
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Rating Length
C1 Cure
3.85 4:54
C2 Poor Twisted Me
4.45 4:00
C3 Wasting My Hate
4 3:57
C4 Mama Said
5 5:19
D1 Thorn Within
4 5:51
D2 Ronnie
3.7 5:17
D3 The Outlaw Torn


12" Vinyl 1

James Hetfield (track A1)
Lars Ulrich (track A1)
James Hetfield (track A1)
Lars Ulrich (track A1)
Randy Staub (track B2)
James Hetfield (track B2)
Bob Rock (track B2)
Lars Ulrich (track B2)
Kirk Hammett (tracks A2–A3, B1–B3)
James Hetfield (tracks A2–B3)
Lars Ulrich (tracks A2–B3)
later versions:
Bleeding Me (S&M version) (track B3)
Until It Sleeps (S&M version) (track A4)
recording of:
2 × 4 (track A2)
Ain’t My Bitch (track A1)
Bleeding Me (track B3)
Hero of the Day (track B2)
King Nothing (track B1)
Until It Sleeps (track A4)

12" Vinyl 2

Kirk Hammett (tracks C3, D1)
James Hetfield (tracks C1–D3)
Lars Ulrich (tracks C1–D3)
later versions:
Outlaw Torn (S&M version) (track D3)
recording of:
Cure (track C1)
Mama Said (track C4)
Poor Twisted Me (track C2)
Ronnie (track D2)
The Outlaw Torn (track D3)
Thorn Within (track D1)
Wasting My Hate (track C3)