Born in New Zealand’s forests & caves, trapping possums, eeling, riding swollen rivers, spearfishing the Pacific, under stars & birds & sky on the other side, and occasionally roaming into the dreary provincial towns to seek humans & make general suburban mischief. Later took to playing some fairly dangerous games, thinking a lot, roaming a lot and writing poetry...

Read philosophy at university and became intensely interested in songwriting – Floyd, Paul Simon, Dylan, Lennon/McCartney, Leonard Cohen, Renbourn & Jansch... also in the Theory of Love, states of consciousness, mycology, freedom, the sublime unity of things... There followed a sustained continuation of increasingly fierce revelry and contemplative analytical thought, during which time various shitty jobs may have been held - gravedigger, journalist, hobo, intelligence operative, pirate, hunter, that kind of thing...

Left NZ with a girl for a while and headed out on the road to Australia, then Europe, then onward alone into the East and 12 other reasons where I've been travelling, living, singing and playing at this and that ever since...

My music has developed out of shadowy journeys though often frighteningly lonesome yet exhilaratingly beautiful lands & bedroom oblivions, campfires, playing on various beaches and in forests throughout numerous continents. Quite a few shooting-stars have been sighted to these tunes. by me. I'm said to be extremely difficult to get along with and usually drunk, dying or climbing something, but somehow able to come up with quiet nice thoughtful acoustic little compositions.

The songs deal - in one way or another - with love; and their themes include the changing seasons, birds, quiet meditations on the passing of time, and delicate explorations of human desire. At least that’s how it occurs to me.

the 11 songs on 'Dark Wind Songs' (2004, Water-Wheel Rhymes) were recorded in Istanbul Dec ‘03, except 'Dark Wind Song', 'Two Square Meals' and 'The Touch of Time', recorded in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria in Jul ‘02. The album quickly went wood upon its release and spent 16 weeks on a bookshelf beside the door.
It remains a sought-after cult collector's item. It's quite a small cult.

Have recently completed recording a new album “Wolfsongbird” (2012) in Istanbul.
released 01 January 2004

All songs Written & performed by Dylan Ware

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered in Istanbul – December, 2003
By Ismail Barlas.
Except tracks 1, 7 & 8 Recorded, Mixed & Mastered in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria – July, 2002
By Petar Atanaschev.

Additional vocals on track 9 by Murat Ozelmas & Cem Tan.
Photographs by Esma Sarioglu.
Cover art by Dylan Ware.

Copyright 2004 Water-Wheel Rhymes Ltd
The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Dylan Ware.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Dark Wind Song
2 Julia's Song
3 Black Star
4 No Idle Rebellion
5 The Garden
6 The Palace
7 Two Square Meals
8 The Touch of Time
9 The Rose and the Moon
10 Little Bird
11 Sabrina's Tune