12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 I Want a Little Girl
Wynton Kelly 4:49
A2 I Thought
Wynton Kelly 5:00
A3 What a Diff'rence a Day Made
Wynton Kelly 4:55
A4 Autumn Leaves
Wynton Kelly 3:59
B1 Dont' Cha Hear Me Callin' to Ya
Wynton Kelly 4:33
B2 On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
Wynton Kelly 3:20
B3 Scufflin'
Wynton Kelly 3:10
B4 Born to Be Blue
Wynton Kelly 4:14
B5 Walk on By
Wynton Kelly 3:17


12" Vinyl 1

recorded in:
New York, New York, United States (1966-09-02 – 1966-09-30) (tracks A1–B5)
Jimmy Cobb (1966-09-02 – 1966-09-30) (tracks A1–B5)
Ron McClure (1966-09-02 – 1966-09-30) (tracks A1–B5)
Wynton Kelly (1966-09-02 – 1966-09-30) (tracks A1–B5)
Burt Bacharach (track B5)
María Grever (track A3)
Wynton Kelly (track B3)
Murray Mencher (track A1)
Billy Moll (track A1)
Rudy Stevenson (track B1)
Joseph Kosma (1945) (track A4)
Burton Lane (1965) (track B2)
Rudy Stevenson (track B1)
Stanley Adams (US lyricist & songwriter) (track A3)
Hal David (track B5)
Jacques Prévert (1945) (track A4)
Alan Jay Lerner (1965) (track B2)
Johnny Mercer (1947) (track A4)
Mel Tormé (track B4)
Robert Wells (songwriter) (track B4)
Arc Music Corp. (U.S. rock & blues publisher) (track B4)
BMG Rights Management (France) SARL (for imprints, please use "BMG Rights Management") (track B4)
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!) (track A3)
Fifth Star Music (track B1)
Maurice Music (track A3)
Morley Music Corp. (track A4)
Stanley Adams Music (track A3)
cover recording of:
On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever) (1966-09-02 – 1966-09-30) (track B2)
instrumental cover recording of:
Autumn Leaves (jazz standard) (track A4)
Born to Be Blue (track B4)
I Thought (track A2)
Walk On By (track B5)
is the basis for:
later translated versions:
Du gehst vorbei (track B5)
Geh vorbei (track B5)
Las hojas muertas (Autumn Leaves) (track A4)
Ne nézz rám (track B5)
Rudens zelts (track A4)
later versions:
Oui, va plus loin (Walk On By) (track B5)
The Fall (track A4)
part of:
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (Lerner & Lane musical) (track B2)
recording of:
Scufflin' (track B3)
referred to in medleys:
translated version of:
Les Feuilles mortes (track A4)

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